Thursday, April 25, 2019

ברווזי (יאוריות?) תל אביב של חג הפסח / Tel-Aviv Passover Ducks (Geese?)

ה׳ חול המועד פסח תשע״ט

אתמול בערב אני פגשתי בזוג הברווזים הזה. הברווזים האלה הסתובבו בגן צמוד עריית תל אביב. הם חיפשו לאוכל בדשא, הצליחו למצוא ואז אכלו את מה שמצאו, אולי כולל חמץ אפילו.

הם בכלל לא נראו מפחדים מהאנשים שישבו בסביבה שלהם. וחוץ מבחור אחד שהוא כנראה תייר ואני, לא נראה לי שהאנשים הנהנים מהגן שמו לב לברווזים.

מישהו מכיר את הזאן הזה? מישהו ידוע על התנהגות הנדידה שלהם?

Last night I happened upon this pair of ducks. These ducks were walking around the park near Tel Aviv City Hall. They were looking for food in the grass, managing to find some edible items, and were eating what they found, probably including hametz.

They did not seem to be phased by the people around them. And except for one man who was probably a tourist, and myself, I don't think any others enjoying the park noticed the noticed them, or if they did, were not phased by their presence.

Does anyone recognize this variety of duck? Anyone know about their migratory behavior?


Anonymous said...

Moadim L Simcha!
A Goose??

Esser Agaroth said...

I was told by two different people that they are Egyptian Geese, and quite common here. I was more amazed by how the people didn't phase them.

Sorry for the delay in publishing comments. I believe I have fixed the problem.

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