Sunday, April 21, 2019

מזג אוויר מוזר ומטורף לעונת אביב! / Bizarre and Crazy Spring Weather in Israel!

א׳ חול המועד פסח תשע״ט

בחצות היום ירד ברד באזור המרכז! וכדורי הברד היו גדולים מאוד, יותר מחומוס שלם לפחות.

וגם מוזר (ולא טוב) שהתחיל לרדת ברד רק יום אחרי שהפסיקו להתפלל לגשם והתחילו להתפלל לטל.

אולי עשר המכות שארעו לקראת יציאת מצרים חוזרות?

Just at noon today, it was hailing in the central region of Israel! The hail was huge, bigger than chick peas. The Greater Tel Aviv Area is supposed to have a Mediterranean climate, like Southern California, Sydney, Australia, or Capetown, South Africa. It simply does not rain here in mid-April. April is when the hamsin season of heatwaves and sand storms begins.

It is also very odd, and not good, that this occurred only a day after Jews stopped praying for rain, and began praying for dew instead.

Perhaps the Ten Plagues are coming back, before our next geulah (redemption), before our next Exodus, the Exidus from Edom (The West)?


Neshama said...

You can blame Harvard for designing a “cover” for the Sun to COOL the earth because of “GLOBAL WARMING”!?¥§^?£§##%%!
Now when we need the Suns warmth we are being deprived of its healing powers in these ‘end days’ before Mashiach as our Torah says.

Esser Agaroth said...

Sorry for the delay in publishing comments. I believe I have fixed the problem.

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