Sunday, April 28, 2019

Why Jews Should Come to Live in Israel?

כ"ד לחודש הראשון תשע"ט

On Shabbat, there was a terrorist attack at a Chabbad of Poway, northeast of the City of San Diego, CA.

Some Jews are writing about this be evidence of the need to "come home."

They're not wrong. We can either do this the easy(er) way, or the hard(er) way. We can get on the plane, or we can continue making excuses about our children being at the wrong age to move, or needing to finish an internship or one more year of work for a better pension, and waiting around for more of the proverbial kicks in the pants Jew hating terror attacks, before finally coming to Israel.

It's not about "coming home" to be safe. Look at all the terror attacks here in Israel? It's about Jews needing to wake up to realize that the U. S. (and other countries) are only supposed to be temporary dwelling places.

It's about Israel not just being the place in history where you learn for a year or do IDF service then heed your parents' calls to stop being silly and come home to get your degree (piece of paper).

It's about Israel being the proper place to invest our energies, and not just a place where to throw our money at it to ease our guilt, and pretend that we're doing our part.

It's about time to stop being an "armchair Zionist," and becoming a real one, some who doesn't just put his money where his mouth is, but puts his entire body, mind, and soul in along with his money.

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