Monday, July 24, 2006

Weren't They Warned?

27 of the Fourth Month 5766

Debbie Schlussel exposes the true nature of the so-called "Americans" requiring rescue from Lebanon in her article THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS IN LEBANON ARE HEZBOLLAH SUPPORTERS.

Here are my two aggaroth worth in an e-mail of support....

Dear Debbie (as you may know, we're very informal here in Israel),

I agree with ALL of the points you make in your article.

I have only one suggestion,...which admittedly comes both out of my naivite and my personal and religious investments in Israel:

Perhaps bringing the Hizbollah-supporting "Americans" back to the U. S. would make it significantly easier to keep a eye on them. Could this not lead to increased intelligence information and prevention of terrorist attacks?

So, no, I'm suggesting that they be "rescued." Well,...if they prefer that word over "detained" or "arrested," then so be it. But, what I am suggesting is that the U. S. keep them close by where they can be monitored more effectively.

It is, of course, a great embarrassment and waste, that this will run U. S. tax-payers $86 million, was it? For some reason many Democrats and Republicans still find it more of an embarrassment to buy "off the rack," let alone look at the price tag.

Like I said, I agree with the points you present. I only wanted to share with you these few thoughts.

Oh, and, by the way, didn't the U. S. State Department issue a travel warning regarding Lebanon way back in May?

I have lived in the Shomron (Samaria) for the past five years. Throughout this time, various "travel warnings" have been issued with regard to my neck of the woods. So, I certainly do not expect the the US to come running to the rescue at my whim. (On the contrary, may they stay far, far away!)

So, why should those "Americans" in Lebanon, who were warned, be "rescued" either?

Oh, yeah,...I forgot. There are double standards at work here.

Silly me.

*Writing from the "Third Front," almost in range of the Jenin rockets; definitely in range of the kidnappings....

May God have mercy on us...and defeat our enemies. We're certainly not going to, not as long as we care more about what others think about us, than what we think of ourselves.

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