Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Were They Thinking?

22 of the Fourth Month 5766

Considering all of the deaths, all of the preventable deaths, and all of the self-sacrifice occurring in Israel on a minute-to-minute basis, I have no doubt that the following will be considered to be in VERY bad taste.

Vered HaGalil ChocolateBut I am here, and most of you are not. We are entitled to let off a little steam from time to time, don't you know?

War is not a laughing matter. It is even less of a laughing matter as to how this war might have been averted by having finished the job long ago.

Quite possiby those of you IN Israel will not find this so offensive.

The Yishma'elim (Arabs) have really crossed the line this time.... Click Chocolate Covered Assortment

From The Muqata

"1:02 PM Roundup of past 14 minutes:
Rocket strikes Israel railroad trainyard in Haifa...again (Channel 2 TV)
Rocket strikes "Vered HaGalil" Chocolate factory in Tzefat (Channel 1 TV) [bastards!]
Rocket strike in Haifa -- one wounded by smoke inhalation, 3 in shell shock.
Rocket strike in Haifa causes fire in empty field."

I mean really...a chocolate factory?! What were they thinking? Vered HaGalil Chocolate

The absurdity of war....

May The Almighty have mercy on us.

Writing from the "Third Front"
(Close to Jenin rocket range; and right in the middle of kidnapping range)

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