Monday, May 21, 2007

The Pigs Frown Today

3 of the Third Month 5767

Previously, I opined on the issue of Jewish-Christian dialog and cooperation in Pork Is Still Not Kosher.

A special committee of the Chief Rabbinate in Israel was debating whether to allow such participation in an upcoming Jewish-Christian womens event.

I am happy to announce that after some reconsideration, the rabbinic Committee to Stop Missionary Dissemination reaffirmed its ruling to ban participation in this event.

Rabbi MK Benny Elon, head of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, was not pleased by the decision, but said he would, of course, honor it.

The committee members ruling unanimously against event participation included:

Rabbi Simha Kook
, Chief Rabbi of Rehovoth
Rabbai Yitzhak Peretz, Ra'anana
Rabbi Sha'ar-Yashuv HaKohen,* Chief Rabbi of Haifa

(*replacing the absent Rabbi Yehuda Deri, Be'er Sheva)

In addition, Ze'ev Shtieglitz of the anti-missionary organization Lev L'Achim believes that he can put any questions to rest regarding the motivations and activities of organizations previously considered "innocent" of any wrong-doing.

...he has evidence of actual missionary activity by these groups. "For instance," he told Arutz-7, "ICEJ Liaison Officer Doron Schneider is the head of the Messianic Jewish community in Maaleh Adumim... The pastor of the Brit Olam Jewish-messianic congregation received his salaray from Bridges for Peace... But more than that: Dr. George Giacumakis, the one-time Chairman of the Board of Trustees of ICEJ, has said straight out that it is hoped, through various 'friendship' organizations with Jews, and by giving financial and political support to Israel, that Jews will start showing interest in Christianity."

I'll bet you never knew there was a "messianic Jewish community" in Ma'aleh Adumim.

...or in Ariel

...or in Beth-Shemesh

It' time that you knew.

The full story by Hillel Fendel about the committee's ruling can be read here.

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