Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Show Me The Money

21 of the Second Month 5767

Someone pointed out two consecutive news flashes to me on Arutz 7 yesterday:

City Councils Struggle in Arad, Mitzpeh Ramon

then 15 minutes later...

Israel to Give $5 Million to Darfur Refugees

Those in the Israeli government want to join the big boys in Europe, throwing money around in Darfur.

"Look at us! See? We're just like you...concerned with the same, politically-correct issues you are! Please love and accept us!"

What brings me to make such a bold assumption?

On the issue of Kaf Zkhuth (giving the benefit of the doubt), the Ramba"m is clear. When examining the actions of evil people, the opposite must apply. One is required to assume that an evil person's apparently positive actions are covering up ulterior motives.

So, when considering the actions and motivations of the Israeli government, this concept regarding why [certain] people do what they do must be applied.

In all honesty, the financial struggles in Arad and Mitzpeh Ramon, are not necessarily due to lack of funds, rather disagreements among city council members.

Nonetheless, the headlines strike a chord of truth.

Can Israel really afford to donate money outside of the country? Should it anyway?

The prevailing Hallachic opinions dictate that one should not give away so much of your income that you harm your family.

So, what about the Jews who need it, like the hungry children, the homeless, the laid-off teachers, the lonely hayalim bodedim (soldiers without family in Israel)? Five million dollars (20 million sheqqels!) can go a long way.

And, if the Israeli government is so desperate to give money away to non-Jews, maybe it could give it to Druze communities. Hey, it would even be a vote-getter.

As I have said, time and time again, the attitude seems to be that...

If a non-Jew, a black American, for example, gives money to a black charity, it's "self-empowering." If a Jew gives to a Jewish charity, it's elitist or even racist.

More self-hatred and co-dependence.

What are YOU going to do about it?

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Batya said...

I don't see why the world's Jews are so hooked on Darfur. Let's take care of our own first.

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