Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The S'deroth Conspiracy

27 of the Third Month 5767

The other day, I wrote to No'am Bedein, the founder of the Sderot Media Center. I wanted to compliment him on the great interview he gave to the BBC World Service. This was an incredible feat to accomplish, as the interview was being conducted by an inherently anti-Israel news station, and even more so with an Arab resident of Azza on the line as well, spewing out lie after lie.

No'am wrote back, asking me what I thought of the situation in Sderot. To reply, I just started writing, and I ended up producing the following...

Sitting Ducks "...What do I think of S'deroth? They're all sitting ducks. The government is made up of Erev Rav for the most part. I have a theory, but no proof, that the government continually tries to gain sympathy from the 'international community' [by publicizing how victimized we are]. This time, they're not doing enough to protect the Negev, [in order] to gain that sympathy."

Where did I get that from?

Thirteen years ago, in the city of Hevron, some time before Purim, posters in Arabic began to appear, bearing phrases on lines of....

"We're going to finish what Haman started!"

Cave Of The PatriarchsThe plot was well known. But then Prime Minister Yitzhaq Rabin YSh"W and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres YSh"W sat on their hands, doing nothing to prevent the impending Arab threat of Purim violence.

Then after Baruch Goldstein HY"D gave up his life in Qedushath HaShem on that very Purim, the Hevron Arabs' large weapons stash was discovered.

The Arabs were not planning a surprise Purim bash, or rather bashing, for Jews nearby. It was going to be an all out massacre!

The theory is, and I must admit, it is just a theory, that the Jews of Hevron were to be sacrificed on the "Alter Of Peace."

Israel was not only supposed to gain favor in the eyes of the international community, because of the massacre. The government would also get rid of those religious "thorns in their side," in one fell swoop....frosting on the cake.

This would even ease a withdrawal of the Jewish presence in Hevron, further demonstration to the Big Brothers in UN, US, and EU of Israel's willingness to fulfill their end of the illegally-negotiated Oslo Accords, even in the face of terrorism.

That brings us back to S'deroth. The Israeli government is perfectly capable of wiping out any and all Kassam missile threats. Instead, it sent the IDF out to bomb soccer fields. And when it finally had to start bombing the real threats, it called in advance to warn civilians to evacuate certain areas slating for bombing. Of course, the terrorists and their equipment escaped, too, but that didn't matter. All that mattered to the Israeli government was not upsetting the goyim.

Do you think that the U. S. has ever called in advance to warn civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan? No. The U. S. even has a special name for such civilians. You know it, collateral damage.

El Al Boeing 777-200That's not how the Israel government operates, though. Repeating the same old mistakes over again, expecting different results, Israel winds up the PR machine, and lets it loose, regardless of the cost. Residents of S'deroth are sitting ducks, forsaken by Olmert and Peres, used by Livni, and I don't know what by Peretz. I'm sure he doesn't know either. Perhaps he expects them to find solace in the news that El Al is even naming it's latest Boeing 777 "Sderot." I'm sure that will drum up some additional publicity.

In the mean time, it looks like the Almighty is having mercy on us by taking care of what we should be doing:

Haniyeh's Office Hit by Fatah Shells
Fatah YSh"W Hits Hamas YSh"W

Then 27 minutes later....

Abbas's Office Hit by Mortar Shells
Hamas YSh"W Hits Fatah YSh"W

Israel looks to the goyim for validation. The Almighty uses them as tools for His work....


For your regularly-updated, inside look at news from Sderot, visit the Sderot Media Center.

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