Friday, June 15, 2007

They're Still Here

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Qorah
Ereve Rosh Hodesh of the Fourth Month 5767

For years now, I have been investigating the presence of U. S. troops in Israel.

I have been laughed at, scoffed at, ridiculed, but worse, I have been told, "Yeah, so what?"

One like-minded colleague has repeatedly told me, "Ya'aqov, I'm afraid it's inevitable. Review Navi Zekhariyah, chapers 12-14...." The "Nations" are destined to take Jerusalem.

Various theories have been proposed as to how "they" will arrive. At this point, it seems likely that "they" are none other than Americans, and that "they" may be arriving in any number of ways.

First of all, some of them are already here. So, the question really isn't "How will the troops arrive," it's "How will the rest of the troops arrive."

Remember, U. S. troops have already been here since 2002, "protecting" us from potential scud attacks from Iraq, by manning anti-missile defenses.

U. S. & IDF Troops, Yaffo, March, 2003The BBC reported that, according to Israeli government spokesman Ra'anan Gissin, only 1,000 American troops were expected.

Only 1,000? I don't have any evidence to refute that only 1,000 arrived at that particular point in time.

However, since then, several sightings have been reported of U. S. troops entering through Ashdod in the middle of the night, and heading north, possibly to a base in the Petah Tiqwah area (2005).

Sightings of U. S. Troops have also been made near the Tapu'ah Junction and the entrance to the town of Eli in the Shomron.

Yet, another 2005 report places U. S. troops in the Negev Desert, engaging in joint exercises with the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF].

And just this Sunday, Arutz 7 reported Joint Israeli-American Exercises in the South:

"Israel and the United States will carry out joint Air Force exercises beginning on Sunday. The exercises will take place in the Negev.

"The exercises will include responses to varied forms of attack. They will last for approximately one week."

So, now that U. S. Troops are here, and have been here already for a while, how WILL the rest of 'them' arrive?"

Theory 1: After Iraq, "they" would go into Syria, and then conveniently enter Israel through the Golan Heights, probably invited to do so by the Israeli government itself. It's likes the idea of "international peace-keepers," even though such endeavors have failed in Lebanon, and will undoubtedly fail in Azza, that is if the Arabs ever let them in, in the first place. The Americans, and perhaps others, will be invited to monitor any "peace" agreement with Syria. That's theory number one.

Theory 2:
Americans will be invited in to assist the IDF in expelling Jews from their homes in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea & Samaria) in one fell swoop. The Israeli government's thinking is that there will be less of an issue for foreign troops to expel Jews from their homes. The government, or rather the shadow government, the ones who are really running the country, already may be anticipating that a great number of soldiers will refuse to carry out their orders to expel Jews from their homes, many more than the 62 soldiers which preferred to sit jail than to carry out such orders in Azza and the Northern Shomron.

I already mentioned hints of this plan back in the winter of 5765 (February, 2005) in Conspiracy Theory Or Possibility?

They simply do not have enough non-Jewish, nasty YaSa"Mniqs (special riot police) to accomplish the kind of operation it has in mind. Perhaps you're thinking that will never happen, now that most everyone, including those on the center-left, have acknowledged that the last expulsion from Azza and the Northern Shomron was a complete disaster, and too expensive.

Well, you now know better. The government is not terribly concerned with public opinion, unless, of course, it can be manipulated through cleverly constructed polls. Former Prime Minister Sharon's (YSh"W) Likud Party carried out a referendum on the 2005 expulsion. Sixty-three percent of Likud members voting were against it. Sharon, in his own words, "carried out the expulsion plan anyway."

Theory 3: The Americans will be joined by troops from other countries in the form of an "international peace-keeping force" in Azza, only a hop, skip, and a jump away from S'deroth, Ashqelon, and Ashdod.

Actually, foreign troops, other than those from the U. S., have already been sighted in Israel as well. Before the 2005 expulsion, protesters encountered men wearing IDF uniforms who did not speak a word of Hebrew.

Theory 4: Remember the failed "international peace-keeping force" in Lebanon? They are hop, skip, and a jump away from Methulah, Qiriyath Shemonah, and Nahariyah.

But, my money is on the proverbial "All Of The Above."

HaShem Yishmor Otanu!

May God help us.


Information on the underground base in Petah Tiqwah was provided by Barry Chamish.

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