Friday, November 23, 2007

A Tree Grows In Amsterdam

14 of the Ninth Month 5768

Anne Frank's TreeThere has been a lot of buzz going around lately about the tree Anne Frank HY"D (May HaShem avenge her blood) used to see through her window, while in hiding from the Nazis YSh"W. Here's a report, which is as good as any I suppose, from the AP.

So, now, here's my Esser Agaroth:

Inside the U. S. Holocaust Museum, Washington, DCMaybe saving her tree is important, if it is possible. However, if this tree cannot be cured of its fungal blight, and is going to infect the other trees in the area, then chop it down.

Take lots of photos, invite painters in for one last "portrait sitting," and then chop it down.

Trees are important; remembering IS important. But, this tree cannot be aloud to remain standing at the expense of the surrounding, healthy trees.

If protecting the lives of trees is important, even the life of the singular "Anne Frank's Tree," then what about human life?

Remembering the Holocaust and its victims is important. But, should remembering the fallen be placed ahead of protecting the living?

Should remembering fallen Jews take precedence over protecting living Jews?

Outside the U. S. Holocaust Museum, Washington, DCJust think of how much could be accomplished with even one fourth of the money spent on elaborate museums and memorials, in order to stop the current threats to the Jewish People.

I'll let individuals decide for themselves what that money could be used for. Here are a few of my suggestions:

Food, housing, and care for poor and elderly Jews
Yes, even in the US, these Jews exist.

Helping the [real] Jews get out of the former Soviet Union
Poor Jews who don't have train fare to make to the Jewish Agency in Moscow or Kiev or wherever are stuck. Whereas active recruiting of non-Jews, who may or may not have a Jewish grandparent, continues, per Israeli government policy.

and of course...

Combating Intermarriage
This is what I call the "Silent Holocaust." (I await the onslaught of hate mail for my employment of this expression.) Statistics already demonstrate its effects. The Jewish population in the Israel increases, while the Jewish population in the U. S. decreases. I wish that I could say this is due to mass immigration to Israel. But, I cannot.

and in case you haven't been paying attention...

Combating Terrorism
Arabs continue to shoot and bomb and manipulate the West in an effort to wipe Israel off the map. I say "Israel" here, because Jews are still too deep in denial about the Arabs' true objectives. (For those Jews who are not too deep in denial: It isn't Israel the Arabs want to wipe off the map; it's YOU!)

By the way, the photo of the qassam rocket was not taken in S'deroth. The photo is from a school in Ashqelon!

and do you really think that Jews are safe even in the U. S.?

Check this out: Shwastika Epidemic in the United States.

What's the point of remembering atrocities against the Jewish People IF we do not do enough to prevent the next atrocities from occurring?

If enough is not done, then there won't be any Jews left to visit your museums, or to appreciate a tree growing in Amsterdam.

May God forbid.


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