Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bush Doesn't Get It, But Does Rice?

Mossa'ei Shabbath Parshath Bo 5768

Debbie Schlussel cleared up some of my questions about what kind of coverage the protests against President Bush's visit received in the U. S. There wasn't much. There was some about the Arabs in Azza protesting, but nothing significant about the Jews who were protesting. I wonder just how much the President was allowed to see and to hear regarding our displeasure of his plans for us. My guess is that it was very hush-hush. I never can tell with this president. Is he seriously mislead by his "people?" Or is he given all of the facts first, and then mislead regarding the proper strategy to take. Is other words, is he just misled by the UN and Council on Foreign Relations allies like Condaleeza Rice and her State Department? Or is he in on it? Does Condaleeza Rice think that you can actually relate to [non-Western] Arabs as fellow Westerners? Or is she purposely leading the President down the path of no return? Is this only a temporary alliance with the Arabs to sacrifice Israel's viability for the sake of continued flow of oil into the U. S.? Or are they really all that stupid, thinking that one can actually "talk" with Arabs?

Where's John Bolton when you need him?

And where are all those Christian Zionists we keep hearing about in Israel? "They" say they are working behind the scenes. Obviously they have other priorities like fighting abortion, as important as that may be, which precludes their lobbying for the Holy Land's handover to Arab terrorists. Wait a minute. I thought Bush and Rice were Christians. Where on earth are they getting their scriptural and spiritual guidance?

Is anyone else as confused as I am?

Meanwhile, one of the comments on Debbie's piece linked above alludes to another problem Israel is facing, not just the proximity of the so-called "Palestinian" Arabs in Qalqiliyah and Tul-karem, 8 miles away from his house on the coast. There's something called the "Triangle" kind of between the Sharon and Gallil areas of Israel filled with so-called "Israeli" Arabs, who have never accepted Israel's control of the UN mandated Jewish State. There is more and more evidence that there will be an uprising from within the area Bush and Rice propose to "let" us keep.

There is the cheering in Natzeret (Nazareth) and Shfar'Am of Arabs whenever Israel gets missiled, and then there's Peqi'im, an ancient Jewish town, now mostly inhabited by Druze. Druze have served in the IDF since the 1950's, and have proven their loyalty to Israel time and time again. However, even they have been getting agitated recently.

I live in the Shomron (Samaria) near Shkhem (The Romans renamed it Napolis; Arabs and CNN call it Nablus.) and Josef's Tomb. Yet, I'd feel safer here than Tel-Aviv, if the government didn't start taking weapons and security away. They have begun replacing local . how much do you want to bet that this is in preparation of their next stage of Jewish expulsion? May God forbid.

Ashqelon used to be considered too far from Gaza to get hit by missiles. Now it's starting to get hit on a regular basis by Hamas. How did they get such misslies?

Although it was hushed up, missiles from Hizbollah did reach as far south as Netanyah in the summer, 2006. I wonder how many more missiles Hizbollah has, and how improved their equipment is, now that they have had time to regroup and rearm, without any fear of retribution from the UN or international forces in Lebanon. Is anyone surprised?

We really are sitting ducks. Is our country the only one whose government cares more about following Bush's orders than about protecting its people? One would think they would need to do at least something, even something symbolic in order to protect their seats in the Kenesset, considered very precious to them. The truth is that they have given up on that highly addictive drug called "power," and are gunning for the less popular drug called "money." Oh, they will get plenty, have it funneled into private foundations, and they will be set for life.

Who needs a seat in government, especially in a government whose country is heading toward nonexistence? I am sure that the Leftists will be highly rewarded for carrying out Israel's fire sale. No doubt this will include some foreign passports, residency papers, or even asylum, when Israel tries to extradite the criminals back to stand charges of treason.

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