Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bush's Jerusalem Legacy

Mossa'ei Shabbath Parshath Bo 5768

Of course, I picked Thurs. to visit a friend in the German Colony (You know, that annoying Leftist neighborhood, I can't stand, where everyone, including the waiter who obviously just had a very nasty fight his hair clippers, wants to speak English to you automatically, without even determining whether you can speak Hebrew or not.). Needless to say, I am almost never there. What can I say? He offered to buy me coffee. I ain't got no job; ain't go no money. So, I went, see my friend, not just for the free coffee.

Coming back from the German Colony, because of the traffic, roadblocks, and detours, it took me almost an hour to get to French Hill on the #4 Bus. The trip should only take 25 min. at most. Several of my fellow passengers were chattering away about Bush's visit causing all this traffic, oh yeah, and to force us to give away much of Israel, too. The #4 Bus by the way, connects mostly only liberal and secular neighborhoods, like Malha, Pat, Baq'a, Greek Colony, German Colony, and French Hill. If this is what these Israelis are saying, you can only imagine what it was like on the other buses.


Rather than complaining about the trafic and inconvenience caused by President Bush's visit, my buddy Doodle Head had a better idea, invoking the age-old Jewish tradition of Hakhnasath Orhim. See what he had in store for the U. S. President in President Bush, This One's For You.

The Almagor Terror Victims Organization lauched the most creative protest, dressing up as Arab terrorists and gathering in the square of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue near Prime Minister's official residence, quite the opposite of Hakhnasath Orhim, but a lot more appropriate.

Sorry, Doodle, but did you really expect him to show? I bet you would have enjoyed joining in the Almagor protest more anyway. I think I'll join, so I can be informed of their next event. I qualify for member ship, you know.


doodlehead said...

wen i invited him, i was hoping 4 a chance 2 talk 2 him, explain the situation 2 him, maybe talk some sense into him without actually talking politics. well, mayb next time...

Esser Agaroth said...

Be honest. You wanted to get him drunk. ;-)

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