Thursday, July 03, 2008

News Flash! Possible Attempted Kidnapping At Rehalim Junction

Beth Rosh Hodesh HaRevi'i 5768

I arrived at Tapu'ah Junction at 10:30pm. To do so, the driver giving me a ride from the West had to by-pass the long line of vehicles which were at a stand still. Traffic was blocked from all four directions leading to this major junction of roads in the Central Shomron (Samaria), so the left side of the road was clear, allowing us to approach.

I got out, and proceeded on foot, seeing several people out of their cars, passing the time, and trying to figure out what was happening. Traffic appeared clear up the hill to K'far Tapu'ah, so I continued on. Stopped by a soldier, even though I told him that I was just going to walk up the hill to my home, I asked him what had happened. He replied with the standard, "We do not yet know."

At 10:45pm, traffic was allowed through. I was told to get back into my car. When I explained that I was on foot, I, too was allowed through, only after I produced my te'udath zehuth Israeli identification card.

I then asked him, again, what had happened. All I received in reply was,...

"There was an occurrence in the area of Tapu'ah."

I got a ride up the hill from a neighbor who had not heard anymore than I did. When we reached the gate to K'far Tapu'ah, the soldier on duty appeared particularly cautious. Again, after queries from my neighbor, the soldier was not forth coming.

Only after reaching my house and seeing the town's resident medic, was I informed that there might have been an attempting kidnapping at Rehalim Junction, but that it still was not clear.

Rehalim is a small town just south of Tapu'ah Junction, on the main road to Jerusalem. Another road connects it to the southern entrance of the City of Ariel.

Beforehand, while traveling on Highway 5 from the West, having passed the Oranit/Elqanah Junction toward Ariel, south-bound traffic was stopped on the road turning off toward the town of Pedu'el. Apparently there was an unrelated incident in that area. There were conflicting reports as what had occurred there.


Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

Scary stuff! Be safe.

Esser Agaroth said...


Actually, I'm more angry than scared.

Incidentally, I did not see this reported anywhere else, even though I sent this to several journalists.

Apparently, in order to confirm the story, they must receive do so by contacting the IDF. The IDF will not release any information whle it is under investigation. This all sounds logical on one level, but what will happen is that when confirmation is eventually received, the story will just get buried.

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