Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Restricting Entrance Into The Shomron? - Update

27 of the Fourth Month 5768

Restrictions upon entering parts of the Shomron (Samaria) appeared to be focused on the north, and allegedly related to this week's hike through that area. Others report that these restrictions are directly related to last week's protests in and around Shilo:

Shooting Between Jews and Bedouins Near Maoz Esther

( Five Israelis and two Bedouin were arrested, included two who reportedly shot at Bedouin Arabs in two separate incidents near the outpost of Maoz Esther in Binyamin on Tuesday afternoon.

Several people were also reported injured in the melee that followed two days of restrictions imposed by the new IDF Samaria Brigade Commander, Col. Itzik Bar, against Israeli cars coming into the area for fear they were bringing activists who might provoke local Arabs.

The incidents came in the wake of clashes in response to the destruction by the IDF of a structure at the Adei Ad outpost.

Maoz Esther is near Kokhav HaShahar. This news flash may unintentionally imply a connection between the two incidents. There is no information in supporting that as of yet. It is not uncommon for communities in Shomron and Yehudah to be threatened by Arabs.

We now know that there is contact between Israeli police and Arabs. Who knows what happened there. I will contact my source in Maoz Esther, and report back here later tonight.

In the meantime, people going north of Tapu'ah Junction toward Itamar, Brachah, Yitzhar, and Elon More have been asked to show there te'udath zehuth (identification card) in order to prove their residency in the Shomron.

One resident of Eli reported that he had an appointment at his child's school in that area. What if he hadn't lived in the Shomron? Then what?

It was reported to me that a school bus full of yeshiva students was stopped, and students not having te'udath zehuth were taken off the bus, and "spoken to" by an area commander. It was not confirmed as to whether the students were allowed to pass the check point or not.

They let him through quickly and easily. This is only supposed to be a two-day restriction. This area is not even close to the route of the Shomron-Yehudah hike taking place this week. It is possible to travel toward Qedumum, and continue on to Homesh, via the Yitzhar-Qedumim road. But what does that have to do with Itamar and Elon Moreh?

Meanwhile, the flow of Arab vehicles continues in this east-central area of the Shomron without obstruction.

This was one of the first restrictions placed on Azza before the expulsion of its Jewish residents.


Rafi G. said...

you think there is a secret expulsion coming that has not been announced? By Azza it was all in the news. Something like that cannot be kept secret....

Esser Agaroth said...

It's no secret that the security fence is desired by many in the gov't to be a defacto border. Even though Sharon claimed is wasn't going to be one. (I believe he lied, BTW.)

I don't believe there will be anything implemented today per se.


1. They are analyzing what the thought worked and didn't work in Azza to get rid of Jews.

2. They are experimenting here and these with a caravan or two, to see the reactions of residents in different communities to double check to see who will cause trouble, and who won't.

3. There are two theories out there about places like Yitzhar. They'll either go after them first and crush them, so that others will see and just go quietly. Or they'll deal with places like that last.

4. I'm not sure how much "notice" will be given this time....for places like Yitzhar. They will probably try to demonize them a lot more first to try to gain popular support.

5. Even if (God forbid), the gov't is successful in kicking people out of all the areas they want to evacuate, they are counting on the Israeli public to be outraged, yet not interested in trying to recapture territory.

6. This is all speculation. I do not have any evidence for any of the above, just what I see happening in Yitzhar and neighboring yishuvim and hills, and from what I hear from residents of Shilo Area hills,...Hevron hilltops as well, but I'm not in contact with anyone down there anymore.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I hope to encounter this machsom tonight on my way home from work.

(I'll davka go that way to give them a hard time)

Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

I am running out of words to express how I hate what is going on.
Is there no stopping these guys ever?

Esser Agaroth said...

See the update on this post: School kids taken off their bus.

Rafi G. said...

Jameel - make sure to post here what happens when you cross the machson...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I have been davka driving this way for the past few days, and haven't seen any problems driving in or out of the shomron.

Lets hope this was a limited thing.

Esser Agaroth said...

It was only supposed to be for two days, last Sunday and Monday....

...until the next time, of course.

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