Sunday, June 06, 2010

Neriyah Ofan, The Real Story

24 of the Third Month 5770

It's just like posters around town are saying...

Neriyah Ofan received a “Stay Away” order from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgath Ze'ev for preventing Arabs from harrassing girls from the neighborhood.

According to Israel National News, the idiocy of this action seems much worse....
Arab Influx to Northern Jerusalem Blocked by Building Freeze
Gil Ronen, 13 Sivan 5770/May 26, 2010

Another prominent activist for maintaining the Jewish nature of northwestern Jerusalem, Nerya Ofan, was arrested Tuesday and slapped with a military distancing order that forbids him from entering Pisgat Ze'ev and Neveh Yaakov, also in northwestern Jerusalem. Ofan had already been distanced from Judea and Samaria by an administrative order.

The order which prevents his entry to Judea and Samaria was extended and a new order – probably the first of its kind ever issued to a Jew – also forbids him from entering parts of Jerusalem. That order was signed by Home Front Commander, Major General Yair Golan.

According to King, Ofan's activities centered on attempts to convince Jews not to sell their apartments to Arabs, and to employ fellow Jews in their businesses.

To receive more information and to support Neryiah Ofan:
Israel: 052-4295771
Outside of Israel: 972-52-4295771

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