Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Do You Pay Attention To The Google Ads On Your Site?

26 of the Fourth Month 5770

Do you bloggers ever bother to look at the Google Ads which are displayed on your sites?

Pretty amazing how some of these ads get through your AdSense settings, huh? If you have not already set your AdSense settings to accept only those ads relavent to your site's topics, you may want to do so.

In any event, ask yourself if you want ads to be dislayed on your site for organizations, companies, products, and services you would prefer not to support.

Bloggers are a diverse group, indeed, and often with very strong opinions. We may have very different ideas about which ads we want to be displayed on our sites. But, regardless of the diversity of our opinions, we do not have to be afraid to filter out unwanted ads. It is a lot easier than you may think!

When you see a questionable ad displayed on your site...

Open a new tab or window, and go to:

Log-in to your Google account, if you have not already done so.

Click the “AdSense Set Up” tab.

Click “Competitive Ad Filter.”

Ad the web addresses [URL's] of those ads you do not want to be listed
on your website.

NOTE: It is crucial that you DO
NOT click on your own ads, as that is a “terms of service” violation, and
grounds for being kicked out of the Google Ads program. Do NOT even try to copy
and paste the URL into a different tab. Type the URL into the new tab

Click “Save changes.”
Here are some of the websites, found in my Google Ads, which I was able to catch and to block. Some of you will agree with me about some of these sites. Others will agree with me regarding others. Some of you even thank me for leading you to sites that you actually might like. What can I do? It was a judgment call. I wanted to demonstrate how tricky some organizations can be.

In any event, I believe that most of you, regardless of how you self-identify religiously or politically, will agree with me that it pays to pay attention to your Google Ads. (No pun intended.)

Why would you want to provide free space for organizations and companies with which you disagree?

Christian Sites:
Check out some of the euphemisms and Jewish sounding names they use.
NOTE: I do not use the term “Messianic Jew,” as there is no such thing. A “Messianic Jew” is really one of three things: 1) A brainwashed Jew who does not know better, 2) A Christian pretending to be Jewish, or use “replacement theology” as a missionary tactic, 3) A false convert who never rejected Christianity, and thus was never a kosher convert to begin with. Am I forgetting any others? – Christian missionaries – “Messianic” missionaries with the hutzpah to have their site in English AND Hebrew! Rabbi Yosef Solevechik ztz”l was against this, and as far as I know, so is Rabbi Simha Kook shlit"a (Rehovoth). But, of course, this isn't a "dialogue;" it's missionizing! – Christian magazine – Christian group, currently pushing a “Messianic” book to Jews - goyim trying to latch onto our heritage, in part by denying the authority of Torah sheb'al Peh (Oral Torah) – Messianic Christians praying on Jewish souls – (site currently down) - village church building in Africa? – Messianic ministries – Self-explanatory – Memorial project at the Church of the Nativity – Christian messianic publishers – “Two House” theologists – the latest in Christian attempts to latch onto Jews and the Land of Israel. - Christian magazine – Christian leadership organization

Religious/Political: – Leftists/Globalization - Phrases on one of his websites include “evolving religious civilization” and “post-denominational.” These are code words for “make Judaism up as you go along, and call it Torah.” Although, he would probably tell you otherwise. No thanks. – Support for Jews who leave Torah life. – Member of [fake] “Rabbis For [so-called] Human Rights,” which IMO supports and grants encouragement to enemies of the Jewish People. – self-explanatory

Additonal Sites: – Arab dating site; mixed feelings. If Arabs are dating Arabs, then they are not dating Jews. On the other hand, do I want to encourage to reproduce at all? – Hindi, Punjabi, Ballywood movie portal – Another Hindi, Punjabi, Ballywood movie portal
(What do you think? At least they are not Christian missionaries….HA! HA!) – Latvian travel,…I think. Page is currently down. See Israel before spending money in a country whose friendliness to Jews has been questionable. – hall and catering, no indication that it is under rabbinical supervision. Maybe it is, but I couldn’t find it. – blocked by Internet Rimon, so who knows?


gesher said...

Do you make money from these advertisements?

Esser Agaroth said...

From those ads I filtered? In theory, no, if I caught them and filtered them in time. If a cent or two slipped by, I will be lenient on myself.


Full disclosure: I have made a total of $44 or so since I began have Googles Ads on my site, which I believe was back in October, 2008, maybe 2007. I haven't even received anything in my hands yet, as Google only pays out after one reaches $100.

Filtering was Google's idea, so I'm just using one of tools.

Batya said...

I don't have google ad on my blogs, and I think it was a good decision. Google is raking in the money, while bloggrs give them a forum. OK, blogger is google and we're getting their services for free...

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