Thursday, July 15, 2010

More On Jewish Criticism Of Israel

4 of the Fifth Month 5770

The following was written as a talkback to my friend Yo'el Meltzer's “Jewish Criticism Of Israel,” posted on YNET, as well as here on Esser Agaroth.

Yo'el, I thnk that you are being to kind in regard to the typical, left-wing, American Jew.

At best, such a Jew is a super-assimilated, tinoq shenishba. He simply does not know any better. At worst, he is a pseudo-”rabbi,” a full fledged member of an organization which works day and night to fight against Torah values, Torah Jews, and the Jewish claim to parts of Eretz Yisra'el. He colaborates with enemies of the Jewish People, killers of Jewish babies. He confuses Western culture and sensibilities with Torah, and is thus more assimilated and entrenched in America (Am Reiqa - “empty people”) than the tinoq matter how well he can supposedly parce out a daf of gemara.

He distorts true, Torah thinking, believing that he knows better than Haza”l, the Ge'onim, and the Rishonim. Some of these Jews believe that “the past has a vote, not a veto,” which is code for “do want you want,” and find a misinterpreted or utterly distorted source for it later. Most of these Jews believe in the notion of being led by ones “feelings.” This is a Western (Esau) concept, not a Torah one, and thus, not a Jewish one.

We, or rather Jews in America, are in big trouble....

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