Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Brilliant But Evil Plan!

12 Of The Seventh Month 5771

With the catastrophic expulsion of Jews from Azza (Gaza/Gush Qatif) in 5765 (2005), I have since often wondered how the Israeli government will attempt to implement the next expulsion of Jews, this time from Yehudah, Shomron, and even Jerusalem (May God forbid!).

Using Jewish towns in these areas as laboratories to see which sick plan for removing Jews from their homes and land will be the most efficient, the Israeli government appeared to have only a few options:

1. Pay Jews to move out, and help them to relocate else in Israel. These Jews may or may not get rewarded for their “initiative,” but probably not. (Not enough Jews will want to leave, and the Jews who would not mind leaving will not fall for this one,...again.)

2. Remove them forcibly, as the the powers that be did in Azza, then let them sit around in temporary housing indefinitely until the outrage in the Israeli news media dies down, and then just forget about them. (Too expensive.)

3. Bring in the bulldozers in overnight without warning. Then go to option 2. (Not enough bulldozers.)

Then I saw this. This fourth option did not surprise me in the least. After all the posters depicting Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu, removing his Ariel Sharon mask, can already be found in Jerusalem.

What did surprise me was the lack of coverage of this brilliant, but evil plan in the Israeli news media.

World Net Daily: Shock Plan: Palestinians Scheduled To Govern Jews
Aaron Klein, September 6, 2010

Netanyahu secretly proposed new plot in talks with Obama

JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly has proposed a new plan whereby Jews living in the West Bank will remain in their communities after the territory becomes part of a Palestinian state, WND has learned.

Officials in both Israel and the Palestinian Authority have confirmed the plan to this reporter, marking the first time an Israeli leader has ever put on the table in a serious way a proposal involving Jewish West Bank residents remaining in a Palestinian state.

Conventional negotiations always has assumed an Israeli evacuation of its communities inside any territory taken over by the PA.

Middle East officials said the plan is being considered seriously by the Obama administration, while the PA has been less than enthusiastic. PA sources said they held a meeting last week over the plan.

The full details of the plan, such as specific security guarantees for the remaining Jews, were not disclosed. (Read more…)
Such a plan is brilliant! Evil,...but truly brilliant. Why? The Israeli government will be able to achieve the following at little to no cost to it:

1. The Israeli government will not be inconvenienced by calling up the army or police. No post-expulsion trauma, no criticism from the settlers (...Maybe from YeSh"A Council, but who cares about them anyway?).

2. No worries about collecting settlers' weapons. Let them kill off a few Arabs in their pointless struggles. What does the Israeli government care? It gets to get rid of a few Arabs, and then blames those crazy settlers for it!

3. Those Jews who regret their decision to stay won't receive a dime! After all THEY decided to stay there in the first place, and must take responsibility for THEIR decision. Maybe a token few will receive money, and be raised up as "heroes for peace." It would be good PR.

4. The government will finally be rid of those pesky settlers. Sure, they may get massacred, like the Arabs tried to do in Hevron in 1994, and succeeded in doing in 1929 (May God forbid!), but that will only server to gain sympathy with the goyim! (Doubt it.)
(WND cont.) Debriefing his cabinet on his trip last week to Washington, Netanyahu stated, "What is required is creative, novel thinking in order to resolve these complex issues."
Creative? Novel?

I'll give you creative and novel, Mr. Prime Minister: Let's throw you out of office!


Jewzilla said...

This is sick. Very, very sick. But it sounds all too likely.

As you said, may God forbid it.

However, if it happens, then I hope and pray every God-fearing Jew comes to the aid of their brothers, and something revolutionary happens. Because that would be sick, sick business to do to Jewish people who love their Land.

Ben-Yehudah said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I haven't had much time, nor motivation to blog lately, even though I have a lot on my list to blog about.

Still no Internet at home,...a royal inconvenience.

Shanah Tovah!

az said...

Interesting that they might actually be talking about this openly now. I would like to see confirmation in sources other than WND but interesting nonetheless.

Are you familiar with R'Menachem Froman? My understanding is that this has been a platform for him for quite some time; the idea if Israel should relinquish control of Yehuda and Shomron that Israeli citizens who remain would become citizens of the Arab state which would surely follow.

I had an interview with one of his students which you might find informative re: the professed halachic basis of this perspective.
I am trying to secure a meeting with R' Froman himself, but no luck yet.

Jewzilla said...

Shana ttova ahhi!

Ben-Yehudah said...


AZ, You mean Fruman from Teqo'a???

The guy who went up to the Mosque which burned down near Tapu'ah to present the Arabs with new Qurans?

I certainly would not use "R'" with him.

Of course, I know you're trying to get a variety of perspectives.

PLEASE interview R' David Bar-Hayim. Tell him I sent you. I'm sure you and he can find the time while you're here.

If you can't get a hold of him, I'll hook you up.

He'll set you straight about Froman and hallachah regarding the land, and what must be done to hold on to it.

az said...

That's the one! I will most certainly look into R' Bar-Hayim after the hagim.
Sorry I have not been in better touch. Things have been absurdly busy as usual.
L'shana tova!

Batya said...

The "would you stay?" question has been asked us by journalists for years. Standard answer is that the Arabs wouldn't let us.

az said...

Batya, I have very little doubt that you are 100% correct. It seems that the idea of staying is more of an intellectual exercise than an actual plan for even those speaking about it. In a relatively recent edition of Makor Rishon(a few months ago I think), there was a discussion about just this. I am still trying to find a copy...

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