Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Only Reason To Reject The "Two-State" Solution

22 of the Sixth Month 5770

Upon reading this article, I left the talkback found below....
Another Reason To Reject The "Two-State" Solution
Ted Belman, August 31, 2010

(Israpundit) In any imagined deal, except for Israel possibly accepting a token amount of “refugees”, everyone assumes they will resettle in the new Palestine. This may seem doable but in reality it would prevent a peaceful two-state solution from emerging.

Israel now has about 6.0 million Jews including those living east of the greenline and 1.5 million Arabs. Gaza and the West Bank have about have about 1.4 and 1.6 million Arabs respectively. In total there are 4.2 million Arabs in the combined territory. The total number of Arab refugees including their descendants exceed 4.2 million located as follows; 400,000 Lebanon, 400,000 in Syria, 2 million in Jordan some of whom have been given citizenship and the rest in Gaza and elsewhere. (Read more...)

The ONLY relevant reason to reject the so-called "two state" solution, is that it is forbidden according to Torah Law,...the only law relevant to Jews in Israel.

Ted, why does this reasoning always seem to elude you?

Then a Christian wrote in being all "supportive." Then commenter Shy Guy exposed the site this Christian posted to be messianic/missionary. So, then I added...

Ted, you may want to change to comment moderation,...hopefully to keep out the Christian and psuedo-Jewish liars off, and not those kosher Jews who are occasionally critical of you.

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You get an "amen" to that from me!


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