Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Krembo Challenge - Updated!

17 of the Eighth Month 5772

KremboThis is the Krembo Challenge. I challenge all Jewish and Israel-related bloggers, writers, and tweeters (see below) to write about Krembos, Israel's traditional winter treat.

Your post on Krembos can be about how much you love then, or how much you hate them. You can sing the Krembo's praises, or rant about how unhealthy they are. It can be a new post or an old one. It does not matter, as long your post(s) is about Krembos.

Your post may be from a political or a religious perspective. It does not matter what that perspective is, as long as the post really is about Krembos.

Krembo recipes, whether dairy, pareve, raw, etc. will also be accepted. Kosher recipes only, please.

Posts must be received before Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Wayishlah 5772/December 9, 2011.

Please also put a a link to this post somewhere within your submission.

You may submit your posts via the Carnival Of Krembos On-Line Submission Form.

If you experience problems with's submission form, then either click the name "Ben-Yehudah" on the Carnival Of Krembos page, to send the link to your post directl to me. Or, you may leave the link below as a comment. It will not be published as such, but be assured that I will receive it!

The Carnival Of Krembos will be released shortly thereafter, along with awards in various Krembo Categories.

Happy Krembo Eating (& Writing) Season!

Twitter: For those of you who do not blog, but tweet instead, a special Tweeting category has been added especially for you!

Please submit your tweets as a comment below, along with your e-mail. The comment will not be published. But, you will receive a confirmation that your tweet has been received.


The Carnival Owner reserves the right to spam, noodge, black mail, and otherwise manipulate his fellow bloggers into participating.

1 comment:

Isreview said...

Oh I now see that is we have tech issues to send the submission as a comment sorry didn't realize that till after I sent the message via the carnival message page- OK here is the link to my post.
so now somehow you will get it lol.
Thanks again this krembo challenge was fun:)

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