Friday, November 23, 2012

President Peres's Positively Palestinian Piece Process Pronouncement (Try Saying That 5 Times)

ערב שבת פר' ויצא תשע"ג

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Caring for the safety of civilians has been keeping us safe?

I seriously doubt it.

This is just more of the same Western/assimilationist confusion, or rather the desire to confuse and assimilate the Jewish People into Western society.

Thus sayeth Prez Peres: "We no longer need borders."

Thus sayeth his protege Yossi "Post-Zionist" Beilin: "We don't need a Jewish State."

This particular group of Erev Rav battles against Torah, and Torah values daily.

It's all part of the "Piece Process."

Meanwhile, the IDF Spokes rocket person tweeted this:

A friend of mine, Ari Dann, put it best when he commented on this tweet: 
"Ya know, this whole thing would be over a lot faster if we didn't do this..."
And anyone who wants to argue over whether we are in a milhemeth misswah (an obligatory) or not, just see below:
הלכות מלכים ומלחמות ה,א 
אין המלך נלחם תחילה, אלא על מלחמת מצוה. ואיזו היא מלחמת מצוה--זו מלחמת שבעה עממים, ומלחמת עמלק, ועזרת ישראל מצר שבא עליהם. ואחר כך נלחם במלחמת הרשות--והיא המלחמה שנלחם עם שאר העמים, כדי להרחיב גבול ישראל ולהרבות בגדולתו ושמעו.

And what is an obligatory war?...(3) aiding Israel from the siege which has come upon them.
And, before you have a chance to moan and groan at me about why I'm always citing the Ramba"m, let me ask you, "Care to cite another source on this matter?"

Another friend displayed a picture of his niece at her engagement party.  She was saying goodbye to her fiance, who was in IDF uniform, and being called immediately up for reserve duty.
הלכות מלכים ומלחמות ז,ז  במה דברים אמורים שמחזירין אנשים אלו מערכי המלחמה, במלחמת הרשות.  אבל במלחמת מצוה--הכול יוצאין, אפילו חתן מחדרו וכלה מחופתה.
But, in an obligatory war all go out, even the bridegroom from his room and bride from her huppah.
So, if the Israeli government is going to [appear to] follow some of the halakhoth of War, then how about if it if follows ALL of them.

Whoops!  I forgot.  What does the Israeli Government care about halakhah?

I'll give you a hint...


קל וחומר... What does Pres. Peres care about it?

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Unknown said...

It is nauseating and disgusting to watch the Israeli government send aid and food to the Arabs, while there are Jews who continue to be treated worse than stray dogs... I'd like to know if the government is sending aid to the Jewish areas that were bombed, too.

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