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"Hamas's Peace" Translated

י"א לחודש התשעי תשע"ג
The following news report requires a translation, in order to understand it fully.

Please allow me to share my expert and personal experience with you, by translating it for you (blue italics).

YNET: Mashaal: Prepared For Peace Without Blood, Weapons
Hamas politiburo chief voices moderate positions in CNN interview; says he is willing to accept Palestinian state along 1967 borders, conditioning such a deal on end of 'occupation,' dismantling of security wall.

"End of 'Occupation'" - The Israeli Defense Forces [IDF]defending Jews living in the Land of Israel have been inconveniencing Arab terrorist plots to murder Jews.

"Dismantling of Security Wall" - The security wall is another inconvenience to Arab terrorist plots.

For the record, I am also for the dismantling of the so-called "security wall," I do not want an ugly wall running through, and dividing up the Jewish Homeland. 

Elior Levy, November 25, 2012 

Hamas Chief Khaled Mashaal,...caught mid-snort

Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Mashaal said his Islamist movement Hamas is willing to accept a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders or 22% of "historical Palestine."

 Translation:"Historical Palestine" - They want to claim that there is no Israel, and never was. Even though 'Palestine' is just an adaption of the purposeful, Roman misnaming of Israel.

Pseudostinian Authority President Abu Mazen holds up a map of "Historical Palestine."

According to Mashaal, this has been Hamas' mission and what it has been fighting for since its inception. In an interview aired this weekend on CNN, Mashaal said: "I accept a Palestinian state according to the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as the capital, with the right to return."

"1967 borders" - Hamas is taking a lesson of patience from Fatah.  They are willing to accept the so-called 1967 borders, now, because they realize that it will allow

"Right to return" - To battle Israel more effectively on the population front, allowing them to increase baby production even faster. Even though if Arabs really wanted to "return," then they should return to Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, where they really came from.

Mashaal also addressed the issue of recognizing Israel, saying "I want my state. After this state is established, it (can decide) its position toward Israel. Don't ask me when I'm in prison under Israeli pressure. You cannot ask me, as a victim, what is my stand toward Israel."

"After this state is established, it (can decide) its position toward Israel." - The Arabs have already decided to continue its attempts to destroy Israel , and are just stringing everybody along.  Gee. The infidel international community is pretty gulable, isn't it?

"Victim" - The key word in Arab lies to the rest of the world, to garner sympathy.  Reuters, the Crescent News Network [CNN], and the AP, along with so-called UN "peace keeping" forces are included in the list of past and current collaborators.

 'Ready to resort to a peaceful path'
Mashaal blamed the Fatah movement and Yasser Arafat for neglecting the Palestinian issue since Arafat declared independence in Algeria in 1988.

"I am the leader of Hamas. I tell you and the whole world, we are ready to resort to a peaceful way, without blood and weapons," Mashaal said, "as long as we attain our Palestinian demands. A Palestinian state and the ending of the occupation and the (West Bank security) wall."

"as long as we attain our Palestinian demands" - Give the Arabs what they want, or they will kill more Jews, during the non-existent ceasefire they fooled the international community into believing.

During the interview Mashaal denied that Hamas was responsible for the bombing of a Tel Aviv bus last week during Operation Pillar of Defense.

 denial of responsibility - The Arabs had other Arabs carry it out, or simply took their turn. Either way, they are hardly putting up a fuss about it.
This is not the first time Mashaal has claimed that his organization is willing to accept a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders in return for a long term calm (hudna) with Israel.  However, what was peculiar was the moderate tone of his words in comparison to the heated comments of Hamas' leaders in Gaza since the ceasefire came into effect.

"Hudna" - A period of pause to rearm, plot, plan, and train little children to murder Jews more effectively.

"Ceasefire" - An opportunity to sneak in some more murder, while nobody's looking.

Ahmed, What did you do at summer camp? Was it fun?
 Earlier Sunday, London-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported that Mashaal will arrive in Gaza next month and participate in a ceremony marking 25 years since Hamas' establishment.

A Hamas figure expressed concerned over Mashaal's arrival, claiming such a visit puts the senior leader at risk as Israel is now like a "wounded tiger" looking for even the smallest of victories to "save face."

Mashaal announced a few months ago that he would not continue serving as Hamas' politiburo head, and within the movement elections for his replacement are already in motion.

"his replacement" - his puppet.

It seems that the two leading nominees for the job are Hamas Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh and the organization's deputy politburo chief, Mousa Abu Marzook. It is possible that in the wake of Operation Pillar of Defense the situation will change and there will be mounting pressure on Mashaal to stay on as politburo chief.

 Three possibilities for the next Hamas Chief - There is some disagreement amongst Arab leaders over how to go about murdering more Jews, and destroying Israel AND/OR a fixed election will help keep the wool over the eyes of idiot leftists, and other assorted Jew-haters.

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