Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Want the Old Uri Ariel Back

ט״ז לחודש השנים עשר תשע״ו
Arutz 7: Jewish Home Minister calls for Hamas seaport
Ariel announces he will support establishment of seaport in Gaza terror enclave, if it comes up for a government vote.

Hezki Ezra, 2/24/2016

Uri Ariel
Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, head of the Jewish Home party's Tekuma faction, said Wednesday that he would support the establishment of a seaport in the Hamas terror enclave of Gaza if such a proposal was brought before the government.

The topic has been raised in earnest recently as it is one of the demands of Turkey, a staunch ally of Hamas, in its rapprochement talks with Israel. Ankara is already planning a $5 billion project to rebuild Gaza, with a central part of the plan to be a seaport.

Israel has firmly refused the demand due to the blatant threat of Hamas using the seaport to smuggle in weapons, as the group has constantly been attempting to do even without the port.

But Ariel wrote on his Twitter account: "If the security arrangements were approved by the IDF, I would support the establishment of a sea port in the (Gaza) Strip."

"Zionism and settlement go together with economic and regional development," he wrote. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Minster Uri Ariel was the last, almost decent, MK, but even he was already on shaking ground. Now there aren't any. Sure, there are one or two secular MK's who mean well, and who even almost "get it" Nevertheless, the current government is hopeless, and I am far from hopeful about any future governments of the State of Israel.

The secular MK's lack any real, Torah guidance. They only risk making the same mistakes, based on Western culture, in an attempt to solve the so-called "Arab-Israeli Conflict."

I have much less tolerance for kippah-wearing MK's who not only distort the Torah when convenient, but ignore it for the sake the of Hellenist democracy, or in Israel's case deMOCKracy.

The,n when they make ridiculous proposals based on Western cultural norms, which we already know do not work anyway, because we have already tried them a bazillion times, I get particularly irked.
The new debate on the issue [of the seaport] apparently stems from a desire to reach a more stable situation, on the assumption that a better economic standing in Gaza would prevent Hamas from attacking again.
Now, do I really need to say it? OK, I will. Throwing money at Hamas will not, I repeat, will not change their minds whatsoever, regarding their desires to annihilate the Jewish People, and their claims laid to our Land.

Just look at the map which crowns the Hamas emblem...

Hamas Emblem
And, if the map of what they claim is theirs, just look at this "music video" recently released from Azza (Gaza)...

(Tip: Arutz 7)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (Likud) have firmly opposed the notion of a Gaza seaport, leaving its chances of being implemented low.
Thank goodness for small favors.

Minister Ariel, "Zionism and settlement" have absolutely nothing to do with "economic and regional development" for those who want to destroy you.

Minister Ariel disappoints me even more than the usual "religious" MK spewing out utter silliness our of their mouths. You see, Minister Ariel used to get up in front of the Knesset, and make statements from the Torah, including that Eretz Yisra'el (the Land of Israel) belongs to the Jewish People, because The Almighty gave it to us.

Now, that is a statement we rarely hear from an MK, if at all. This is exactly the kind of statement that we call impressive. Even though it should be coming out of them mouths of every member of a Jewish government of Israel. So, the rarity of such a statement should tell you something.

And, now, you can also see why I want the old Uri Ariel back.

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