Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Israeli "Justice" System does not Equal a Jewish Justice System

כ״ז לחודש השנים עשר ב׳ תשע״ו

The Israeli public finally seems to be onto to the shady activity of the Israeli "Justice" System, in particular the self-perpetuating Israeli Supreme Court. How do we know this? The complaints have been making the mainstream (leftist controlled) news media.

Shaked slams High Court 'hypocrisy': Why didn't they strike down the Oslo Accords?
No. This is actually not the plot of an Israeli sitcom, nor a belated April Fools' Day joke. What on earth is the State of Israel's Minister of Justice thinking?

Gas bombshell: Netanyahu's policy struck down by High Court
This was after Netanyahu made the unprecedented move of appearing before the Court as a sitting prime minister. Many were either appalled, impressed, or both by this move. Clearly, it was to emphasize the overreaching power of the Court, which has repeatedly confounded attempts to reform the selection of justices, in favor of the status quo of its own self-perpetuation.

Supreme Court denies Jewish radical's request for leave from jail to attend son’s brit mila
Notice the quasi-"right-wing" Jerusalem Post's use of the word "radical" to describe a Torah-observant Jew, sitting in jail, without charges, without any evidence of the non-existent charges, apparently In almost any other country in this world, he would be referred to as a "political dissident." Since Israel would desperately like to be considered as any other country, the Torah just gets it the way.

Soldier arrested for shooting subdued terrorist after Hebron attack
Usually in Israel, whenever several different segments of Israeli society come together to protest a common cause, it is a distraction from something else occurring simultaneously. This is no exception. Some Jews are worth more than others.

But, if you believe that the fall of the court will change anything, then you are mistaken.

No. Rather the powers that be intend to let the Israeli masses believe that they have control. They will simply find another, more efficient way

The Israeli Supreme Court Building
notoriously filled with Masonic symbolism, both inside and out.

Israeli Supreme Court
with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Rivlin

....previous rulings of the Supreme Court designed to usurp those of Torah authorities having fallen on death ears.


Over 10 years ago, Israel's Supreme Court also intervened in the dispute between Rabbis Sherman and Rabbi Drukman over the proper approach to conversions. Why was this dispute not resolved by the Rabbinical Courts by Rabbinical judges knowledgeable in these halakhoth?

More Conversions (YWN)

Gee. You don't that the Supreme Court has been aiding and abetting those truly in control of the State in their quest to de-Jewify Israel, do you??

Now, why would you think that?

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