Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Rabbis! Come Join us on the Real Front Lines!

ח׳ לחודש השלישי תשע״ט
Arutz 7: 'We're shoving Israel into the haters' faces' Rabbi Shmuley Boteach joins marchers at Celebrate Israel event in New York, calls for similar parades in European capitals.

Eliran Aharon, 03/06/19
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach urged the Germany government to organize a parade in support of the State of Israel, modeled on the “Celebrate Israel” parade in New York on Sunday.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva on the sidelines of the march, Rabbi Boteach said the parade was not only an affirmation of support for the Jewish state, but a strong message against the rising tide of anti-Semitism. 
"The message is that people love Israel and support Israel. The message is that all the haters of Israel is that we're shoving it in their face, their disgusting hatred of Israel, this new form of anti-Semitism that is overtaking over the globe; that we're not going to be silent. We're going to be proud, we're going to be public, we're going to be vocal."

Noting the recent comments by the German government’s anti-Semitism commissioner advising Jews not to wear kippot [yarmulkes or skullcaps] in public, Rabbi Boteach called for pro-Israel parades across Europe, and suggested the German government organize its own such parade in Berlin.

"We've got to have a Celebrate Israel Parade in the streets of Paris, in the streets of London, in the streets of Madrid, the streets of Lisbon. It has got to be absolutely everywhere. New York has two-and-a-half million Jews, I get it. But there should be parades for Israel anywhere where people love freedom, where people love democracy, especially in this age."

"In Germany, they're saying people can't wear their yarmulkes. Can you imagine? Here we're wearing our kippot, we're holding Israeli flags, we're being very proud. I would really encourage the government of Germany to atone for that horrible advice that Jews hide their Jewishness, the government of Germany should organize a salute to Israel parade."

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Most of you know that I avoid citing Arutz 7 like the plague. But, if they publish something which no one else has...

Anyway, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the best way to "show 'em" is to move to Israel. What's your excuse this time for not joining us on the real front lines?

I think he just visited Israel with Roseanne Barr, didn't he? Makes sense. Photo ops, and airtime. Shmuley Boteach is a proverbial publicity... enthusiast. Yes. We're calling him that, but wonder if you thought I might insert an alternative noun.

But, if Roseanne gets something out of it, we shouldn't damn the relationship or his actions. For all I know he visits Israel all the time. (Sorry, Shmuley, but I don't follow your every move.) But, has he planted down roots here yet?

Not too long ago, he was running for political office in New Jersey. I responded to his campaign with One Reason you Should not Vote for Shmuley Boteach.

Israel is the only true homeland of the Jewish People. Now that the gates have been opened, there is really no excuse for anyone identifying as religious and Zionist. I sincerely doubt that Boteach shares the Satmar and Neturei Karta philosophy of needing to be directly be brought back by HaShem. But who knows?

What I just don't get is this investment of time, energy, and money in country which is not yours. This is the fundamental obstacle in Jewish mentality we must tackle, and finally rid ourselves and our educational systems of it.

Incidentally this "wait for Mashiah to come and do all the work" attitude only seems to have appeared in our literature for not more than 500 years. Learning , praying, saying tehillim and performing mitzvoth (commandments) are all important, but even as Rabbi Yoel z"l of Satmar said, the correct place for the performance of mitzvoth is Eretz Yisrael. Of course, he is not the only one. Just sayin'.

But, I digress...

So, maybe Shmuley Boteach believes he is helping the Jewish People by remaining behind. But, this co-dependence on what non-Jews think of us crap has got to stop. We need to be more concerned about what we think of ourselves, and dare I say, what The Holy One, Blessed Be He thinks of us.

You're welcome for the free publicity.


Anonymous said...


very well written, thank you!
.........................country which is not ours...............................
its all what has to be said and understood.
May all the Jews understand and act to it.

Esser Agaroth said...



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