Thursday, November 17, 2005

Shimshon Cytryn Has Finally Been Freed!

Leil 14 of the Eighth Month 5766

Shimshon Cytryn

Finally! Shimshon Cytryn has been released into the custody of a rabbi until his trial on the trumped up charges of attempted murder. The totalitarian government had planned to hold him over in prison until trial, which could take several months.

According to Shimshon's parents, he will be under the supervision of the head of an academic yeshiva until trial.

As Jews accused of greater crimes have been released to house arrest, and Yishma'eli (Arab) terrorists have been released outright to acquire more Jewish blood on their hands (lehavdil),'s about time!

See more of Shimshon Cytryn's story at the following websites, where the relavent pages have been directly linked:

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