Thursday, November 10, 2005

The "Red Diamond:" Israel Should Say "NO"

Leil 8 of the Eighth Month 5766

Magen David Adom

On Nov 10, 2005 12:25 am (Israel Standard Time), someone wrote:

A recent proposal would adopt a Red Diamond as an additional symbol to the red cross and red crescent - allowing Magen David Edom "Full entry" - THIS IS A JOKE the other symbols are NOT GOING TO BE REPLACED-only the JEWISH STAR is being ruled unacceptable


See: for additional details.


Also see:


This proposal begs the question: Why do Jews still care about what the goyim think? Why must we continue to seek their validation of our existence and place in the Universe?

You are correct. Israel should say the red diamond. But Israel should also say "no" to the Red Cross and to the Red Crescent., let me correct that. Israel should tell them both where to get off.

The Red Cross knew damn well what was happening to Jews HY"D at the hands of the Nazis YSh"W. But instead of doing anything about it, they used a Nazi-approved visit to the Terezanshtat "Model Artist Colony" (Read: "Concentration Camp") to justify their denial that anyting out of the ordinary was going on in the then relatively "Arab-free" Europe. Clueless to the messages of Nazi atrocities embedded in the Terezanshtat Jews' artwork, the Red Cross did nothing to help save Jews from being slaughtered in the Holocaust.

The Red Crescent? The story of the Red Crescent is shorter than that of the Red Cross. The Red Crescent ambulances have been smuggling bomb making materials and other munitions from Arab controled into Jewish controled areas of Israel in order to perpetrate attacks against Jews. The so-called "international community" decries the lack of humanitarian consideration on the part of the Israeli Defense Forces for their searches of Red Crescent ambulances. In other words, how dare we Jews attempt to prevent ourselves from being shot or blown weaponry smuggled in by the Red Crescent.

I will not even get into the blatant marginalization of the Red Cross/Red Crescent by disallowing Jews from determining our own symbols for our own organizations.

Who cares? Worried about Jews not being provided necessary services in their countries of residence by those governments or by those other organizations? Then help to bring those of us still stuck out there, both physically and spiritually, to get out of those dangerous places, and to come to Israel.

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