Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shimshon Cytryn

Erev Rosh Hodesh of the Eighth Month 5766

Shimshon Cytryn

Shimshon Cytryn still sits in jail on trumped up charges, even though eye witness testimony has suggested he did not even do what he was accused of doing -- throwing rocks at a Yishma'eli (Arab).

Shimshon Cytryn stands accused of attempted murder. Unbelieveable!

Even if he was throwing rocks, [the leftist] Channel One news has clear film footage that the "wounded" Yishma'eli instigated the incident. Thus, Shimshon would only have been involved in an act of self-defense.

As his mother says below, it's all politically motivated.

How many Arab terrorists have been released AND repeated their crimes against Jews, like in Be'er Sheva (lehavdil)? Many.

How many non-religious Israelis accused of murder are released on house arrest until the trial?

Yet, Shimshon Cytryn sits in jail for two reasons: 1) his ideology and 2) that his ideology and way of life include following the Torah.


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