Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lady With Bags (גברת עם סלים)

Yom Yerushalayim 5770

Last week I was just minding my own business, shopping in the Shuq, when I noticed that several people were walking around wearing bright yellow shirts. I didn't think any of it, except thatperhaps they were pasing out fliers, or otherwise promoting some product or event.

Then I bumped into a friend, and we started talking. Of course, knowing him, he started shamelessly, yet innocently, flirting with one of the young ladies wearing a yellow shirt. She gave him a flier, and this is what it said:

Help Schlepping Heavy Bags

Are they heavy? Need help?

The “Lady With Bags” Project in the Mahane Yehudah Shuq has just begun, and it's here just for you.

From now on you will not need to stop every minute and rest – you will be able to get help. Volunteers dressed in yellow shirts are walking around the Shuq area, and are here just to help you!

Thursdays 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Turn to us, ask for our help, and we will assist you in carrying your bags to taxis and bus stops.

*Project in memory of Rabbi Morris Pekarsky from Hillel Council

Project Sponsors:
Amitai Foundation
Heart of the City Community Administration
Hillel, Hebrew University
City of Jerusalem

Mahane Yehudah Shuq Council

Remember you college's Hillel? Some were bigger than others; some of us got more of it than others. Nonetheless, this may be a project you may want to support, even if it's just complimenting the student volunteers you see, performing a very helpful and needed service.

After doing some reasearch, I discovered that the project's name may be based on a song of the same name, by Erik Einstein (1991). Here is the music video, done in the classic, silly Israeli, comedic style. Even if you do not understand Hebrew, you can still get the jist of it, just by watching.


Leah Goodman said...

Classic song! Great vid. Sometimes, I can almost pretend I grew up here...
The kid's stuff here is just so much more... real.

Linda Freedman, PhD, LCSW said...

Love the yellow shirt idea. I know you're going to think it's random, but I just linked to you from a new blog. You'll probably get the connection.

Esser Agaroth said...

LF, Great. Thanks. I'll link back to it.

Batya said...

I'm limited to what I can carry on my back, not much. And then I walk to the CBS.
Too bad there's no translation of the youtube.

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