Sunday, January 09, 2011

Leftist Incitement Continues In Religious Jewish Neighborhoods

4 of the Eleventh Month 5771

Leftist incitement continues in Jewish, Shimon HaTzadiq neighborhood of Jerusalem.

I saw a friend of mine on Shabbath. He is a resident of the Shimon HaTzadiq neighborhood. He reported that last Friday, minutes before sheqi'ath hahamah (sunset), three Leftist agitators convinced an Arab boy to commit an act of vandalism against one of the buildings in the neighborhood, by ripping down an Israeli flag hung from a window by the building's residents.

These leftists have done their homework, and know full well that the religious residents of the neighborhood are powerless, or at least very limited in what they can do in the form of a response during Shabbath.

1. Torah observant Jews will not contact the police, unless it is necessary to save a life.

2. They will not risk going after a minor over such a small thing, which would invariably lead to the arrest of Jews, and portrayal of the Arab minor as a victim.

3. Even if they succeed in retrieving the flag, the would not return it to its proper place, during Shabbath.

Apparently these leftists think that it is quite alright that Arabs have been squatting in Jewish homes since the 1940's, rent free.

When justice is served, and Jews are able to reclaim their stolen homes, the Leftists have a problem with that.

Furthermore, the above strategy targeting Torah-observant Jews is parallel to the anti-Torah strategy employed by Leftists in Yehudah & Shomron.

Before the last Shemitah (Land Sabbatical) year (תשס"ח/2007-2008), Leftists ripped out newly planted trees, and encouraged Arabs to do the same, knowing full well that the Torah-observant residents would not violate Torah law by replanting them after Rosh HaShannah, 2007, the beginning of the Shemitah.

Yet, these same Leftists try to accuse the residents of destroying trees in a manner which is also forbidden under Torah Law, during ANY year.

Truly a nasty strategy which demonstrates great hatred towards HaShem's Torah, and toward the Jews who follow it.

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