Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IDF Reservists Refuse Orders,...To Return African Refugees To Egypt

6 of the Second Month 5771

This article was published on the [Am] Ha'Aretz news site a while ago. But, I am still dumbfounded when I look at it, and strongly believe it to be a significant issue on which to post. This incident has the potential to fly under the radar, all too easily. We cannot let it.

IDF Reserve Refuses To Carry Out Return Of African Refugees To Egypt

Soldiers and officers had heard descriptions from colleagues who regularly serve in the area about abuse of the Africans by Egyptian border policemen.

Anshel Pfeffer, April 22, 2011

Soldiers and officers in a reserve battalion that served on the Egyptian border in recent weeks have told their commanders they will not take part in "immediate return" - the sending back to Egypt of Africans sneaking into Israel. The brigade commander, meanwhile, has confirmed that the battalion will not carry out "immediate return."

The Negev Brigade's elite reconnaissance battalion completed a three-week deployment on the border. Nearly every night, Africans crossed the frontier, mostly Sudanese and Eritreans, and at least one time, Libyans. (Read the entire article...)

What about the abuse of Jews by the Yassa"m (riot police)?? What about the murder of Jews by the so-called Palestinian Authority Police Force??

IDF soldiers so easily refused orders to kick these Africans out, and back to Africa. Yet, in 5765 (2005), Jews were gathered up from their homes, synagogues, businesses, and gardens, and thrown off of their own Land. Many of these Jews are still homeless, and they have not been the last Jews to be gathered up and thrown off of their Land.

This is so typical, placing concern for non-Jews over Jews, even in ones own country. Despicable! No other country bends over backwards for illegal immigrants, who are here to take advantage of Israel's co-dependent generosity and naiveté.

Sudan oppresses them, Egypt shoots them, and Israel is expected to clean up after the abusive, alcoholic husband Muslim racists?!


And what kind of punishment did these soldiers incur for their choice to refuse orders? Absolutely none. Their commander agreed with them, contacted his superior, and managed to have them released from carrying out the order. The article does not say whether the High Court approved order was carried out by another unit.

Soldiers who refused to carry out the expulsion of Jews from their homes five and half years ago were jailed, removed from elite units, or otherwise transfered to less desirable positions. Furthermore, these soldiers had mamlakhti (undying state loyalist) "rabbis," breathing down their necks to make sure that they carried out their orders, and that Jews left their homes. Those rabbis who supported, and still support, the refusing of orders which run contrary to Torah, had less money and less access to the media and publicity machines than those collaborating with the government did and do.

Double standards persist in Israel, in the the government, in the courts, and in the military.

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