Sunday, June 05, 2011

European Jews Need To Wake Up, And Israelis Need To Help Them

3 of the Third Month 5771

Today I received yet another disappointing e-mail from Women In Green, a "Zionist" organization, which encourages and supports the settling of Eretz Yisra'el.
Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) join the call to all to
do all we can to help Philippe Karsenty, a true fighter for Israel, to
get elected to the French Parliament.

With love for Israel,

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

Doc's Talk: French Political Cuisine
Philippe Karsenty, "the worst nightmare of the French media outlets"
Written by Nurit Greenger, from the original speech, as was delivered
by Mr. Philippe Karsenty
June 4, 2011

Philippe Karsenty, is a French national of the Jewish faith, who is well known for, so obstinately, standing up to France 2 TV Channel news when they reported a hoax story about Mohamed al Dura, an Arab-"Palestinian" they claimed the Israeli army killed. Mr. Karsenty won his case and truth prevailed.

Mr. Karsenty is now seeking to be elected to the French Parliament. I cannot think of a better than Mr. Karsenty, an honest, freedom loving person to take ranks in the French political arena....

I can understand the misguided, yet "good intentions" of Phillippe Karsenty. But, what of Women In Green's attitude?

Shehitah (kosher slaughter) has been banned in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland, Iceland. A similar ban has been considered in The Netherlands. Restrictions have been placed on brith milah (Jewish, ritual circumcision) in Sweden. France banned the wearing of kippoth in public schools. Muslim clerics in England incite their communities to violence against Jews AND non-Jews. A friend of mine in Belgium gets spit on by Muslims. Jews in France get beaten to death by Muslims!

European Jews need to wake up. Phillippe Karsenty is one of the few Jews who has woken up, yet has missed the boat when it comes what to do about what he woken up to.

The only course of action for a Jew is to make aliyah, immigrate to Israel.

Making aliyah is not running away, it's not abandoning ones fellow Jews, it's not being impractical, not in the least.

It is setting an example.

And, speaking of setting an example, what the heck is Women In Green doing by encouraging everyone to support this Jew's run for a seat in the French Parliament?!

Phillipe Karsenty needs to be here, in Eretz Yisra'el, with the rest us, focusing and investing our time, money, and energy on our own Homeland, not someone else's.

Organizations like Women In Green need to encourage aliyah, not discourage it.

Aliyah, and the rescuing of Jews from their physical and spiritual demise, is black and white.

There is no gray area.

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Ariel ben Yochanan said...


"Philippe Karsenty, is a French national of the Jewish faith, .." explains it all, doesn't it? He separates himself from the Jewish nation and that's where he is: in self imposed karet. Excellent article!

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