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Glen Beck, Insane Jews, And Their Universe

in16 of the Fourth Month 5775

From Feiglin's Take On Beck, 13 Tammuz 5771

Toward the end of his speech, Beck quoted the Scroll of Ruth:

"I invite you to join us," said Beck. "Your nation is my nation and your G-d is my G-d."

I must admit that when a friendly non-Jew starts to quote the Bible, I get a bit nervous. It is not just the long history of anti-Semitism that has developed a genetic mutation in the noses of Jews, giving them great sensitivity to anything that smells of Christianity - but also my own personal experience with avowed lovers of Israel and the settlers who took great pains to mask their Christian motives.

As Glenn Beck is not in the process of conversion to Judaism, it is impossible to understand his quote from the Scroll of Ruth as meaning, "I am joining you." Apparently, the real meaning of his words is "I am replacing you."

A quick study of Glenn Beck's speeches before non-Israeli audiences and a simple internet search of his biography show that he is a believing Mormon who is motivated by a deep religious consciousness. In a live broadcast from the Temple Mount, Beck theatrically shows his audience how in that very place, Jesus turned over the tables of the Jewish money-changers who served the pilgrims to the Temple. He forgot to mention that with this act, that man created one of the most blatantly anti-Semitic Christian legends that lives on to this very day....

Moshe Feiglin could not have stated this better. Christians have ulterior motives, and my fellow Jews, my brothers and sisters are cluelessly clinging onto their Western culture and sensibilities, allowing themselves to be seduced by the Christians' greatest weapon, the smile.

If you want to support us, us from a far. But remember this: Israel is NOT your Land. You may NOT come to settle here. It is against our laws, even if we had the desire to allow you to. This Land belongs to Am Yisrael. Fulfilling the prophesies of your mythological texts does not interest me. Many of you are really interested in taking a hold of pieces of our Land for yourselves, and are latching onto Am Yisrael, in order to achieve your land-grabbing and conversion goals.

Many of you even feign acceptance of Torah; many of you have even convinced yourselves that your false beliefs are compatible Torah. They are not. Your real motivations in "accepting Torah" are to bring those of us who truly do follow the Torah into

The Midianites, the Mo'abites, and others have tried before you. Your methods are just more advanced and sneakier. That's all. Some of you even send your women out to taught us and seduce Jewish men with your wiles. There is a term for this

Those of you calling yourselves "Efraimites," those of you "volunteering" all through Samaria and the territory of Binyamin, those of you purporting to be "Biblical Zionists," those of you running missionary radio stations right under the noses of Members of K'nesseth, those of you demanding to make aliyah before conversion, and are led by a know "messianic," WE ARE ONTO YOU!

To Jews who think that Christians are our close & dear friends:
I know that you've already made up your minds. I have no chance of convincing you otherwise, no chance of convincing you to going against your [Western] feelings.

If if the halakha (Jewish Law) matches your preconceived notions which stem from WESTERN (ie. non-Jewish) culture & sensibilities..., then you will agree with it. If not, then you will think that there must be something wrong with the halakha!

Wake up! Whether or not Christians worship the same deity we do (I can't believe there are Jews who really believe that Christians do), they do it in an unacceptable way, thus avodah zarah (foreign worship, not necessarily idolatry). Christians are disqualified from being B'nei No'ah, until they give up their beliefs in Yesh"u (which, by the way, stands for "May his name and memory be blotted out! ...and who may not even have existed!). Anyone who believes otherwise, knows nothing of halakha.

Christians are not the problem, though.

Jews like you who continue to deny that you confuse the influence of 2,000 years of Western galuth (exile) on Judaism with Torah are the problem.

Jews like you who refuse to open your minds to the possibility that your insulated, whether modern or Haredi, North American, Ashkenazi Jewish universe is incomplete without the contributions of your non-American, non-Ashkenazi brethren are the problem.

Jews like you who align yourselves with Esau are just as dangerous as our brethren who align themselves with Yishma'el (Arabs & other Muslims). The smile and the flowery tongue of Esau is just as dangerous as the sword of Yishma'el. The Kiss Of Esau (הנשיקה של עשו) is just as dangerous as the bite of Yishma'el.

Wake up! ...before it is too late, and are wiped out with your Christian (avodah zarah) "friends" when HaQadosh Barukh Hu (The Holy One Blessed Be He) has had enough with the pollution of our Land by their unholy beliefs being brought (by you!) into our Holy Land!


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Ariel ben Yochanan said...


Couldn't have said it better: Bravo! You might want to look at and comment on the fb thread.

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Yasher koach. Right all the way down the line.

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Great article !!!

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