Sunday, July 03, 2011

Israel On The List Of Countries Which Support Terrorism? And "The Final Solution"

Rosh Hodesh of the Fourth Month 5771

Pam Gellar @ Atlas Shrugs reports on the latest idiocy of the U. S. President's administration via Yid With Lid. She comments...
Obama Administration Puts Israel On List Of Countries That Support Terrorism, Removes North Korea

It is only fair that deluded and self-loathing Jews who continue to support the despot in the White House despite his relentless campaign against the Jews should be the first on the Obama trains. And they are coming.

Obama's relentless pounding on the Jews mimics previous dictatorial leaders in recent history who promoted alienation of the Jews in concert with national socialism (another Obama favorite)....

Here is my response:

Is the U. S. President...

a) insane?
b) evil?
c) stupid?
d) not in control of his own administration?
e) all of the above?

Regarding your comment about the Jews jumping onto the wagon, I am afraid I have to agree with you.

But, I am not sure you and I will agree on the cause for this mental disorder.

I believe that the basis for their misguided attitudes is our 2,000 of exile, resulting in gross examples of assimilation. We our strangers in a strange land. We must come back to our only, true Homeland, now that we opportunity to do so.

Israel is far from perfect. It means learning a new language, adapting to brothers and sisters from countries of different cultures, lowering ones standard of living, fighting for our Land, and combating the infiltration of Christian missionaries, and others who would steal our Land, such as the growing Black [Non] Hebrew community, as well as struggling to unify our People in the face of all of our differences, all the while battling various elements in our own Israeli government who would erase our borders completely (not just Judea and Samaria) if they could, claiming we no longer need a Jewish Homeland, because it is "safe" for Jews to live in many countries around the world.

We Jews must reject the idea that the U. S., or any other country besides Israel, is our homeland.

We must return to Israel, invest our energies here, and face those challenges which await us.

We must become a people again.

It is the only, real "Final Solution."

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