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"No Loyalty, No Justice" Found In The Israeli Supreme Court

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Emor 5772

YNET: MK To Be Held In Contempt For 'Defamatory' Posters? 
Courts administration seeks investigation against MK Ben Ari for distributing posters depicting judges wearing keffiyehs. MK Ben Ari: 'Keffiyeh isn't an insult'

Aviad Glickman, May 9, 2012 (with Itamar Fleischman)

An adviser to the courts administration urged Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein on Wednesday to launch an investigation against Knesset Member Michael Ben Ari (National Union), who was responsible for the distribution of posters that allegedly disparaged the High Court of Justice.

In a letter obtained by Ynet, Attorney Barak Lazer claimed that the posters, which were hung across Jerusalem, depicted High Court justices wearing keffiyehs and featured the slogan "If there is no loyalty, there is no justice."

Lazer posited that the ads were made in protest against the court's decision to deny the State's petition to postpone the eviction of the residents of Ulpana, a neighborhood built on contested land in the West Bank settlement of Beit El.
Contested, huh?  I wish, for once, that an MK would stand up in the K'nesseth, and say, "The Land is not contested.  It is ours, and we are commanded to maintain sovereignty over it," and then quote halakha (Jewish Law).  I'm not holding my breath for this to happen again.

MK Uri Ariel has mentioned similar ideas in the K'nesseth, but it just seemed to fall on deaf ears.  Actually, Rabbi Me'ir Kahane did quote halakhah and verses from Tana"kh, and they banned him soon afterwards for being a racist, simply because he chose not to play with Jewish Law, like the puppets of the Israeli government like to do, yet another example of how the system is not a Jewish system of government, let alone not even a democratic one.

 הכרזה. שופטי בג"ץ עם כאפיות 'No loyalty, no justice.'

The poster Lazer wrote that the posters appear to incite mutiny, and could warrant a contempt of court charge. "The leveling of such defamatory statements and incitement against the Supreme Court – the institution and the judges – is outrageous and intolerable," he wrote. "(…) An attempt to delegitimize the courts system and its judges, and to ascribe inappropriate intentions while slandering judges due to a decision that was made at their professional discretion, must be viewed gravely – all the more so when it is done by a public official." 

What is considered to be "incitement against the Supreme Court" in Israel, would be considered an expression of freedom of speech in the U. S. A., the poster child for modern day democracy.  Still think Israel is a democracy? (See MK Ben-Ari's final quote below)

It really frustrates me that my fellow Israelis continue to think that anything is going to change, that anything can change, with the current system of government.  More and more the true colors of the Israeli Supreme Court are being revealed.  Sure.  We've always known them to be biases toward the Left.  But, now, anytime the elected government of Israel proposes to change the manner in which supreme court justices are appointed, the Israeli Supreme Court justices have tantrums, threaten political warfare, or both.  

Without getting into whether the Israeli Supreme has any authority at all, according to Jewish Law, and whether democracy has any place in a truly, Jewish Government, I thought that the K'nesseth was supposed to be the voice of the people, empowered by the people.  Thus, if the K'nesseth wants to reform the Israeli justice system, and justice commited to the execution of democracy shouldn't have a problem with it.

Instead, justices sitting on the Israeli Supreme Court, decry various issues to be un-Constitution, simply because they do not approve of them.

How do I know this?

It's simple.  Israel doesn't have a Constitution; therefore, nothing can really be un-Constitutional.

Clearly, Israeli is a deMOCKracy, not a democracy.

'Courts are racist'
MK Ben Ari dismissed the accusations.

"I don’t understand what's wrong with putting a Keffiyeh on a judge," he said. " The thought that a keffiyeh is some kind of an insult indicates that the spirit of racism has reached the courts administration.

"I wish the police would open the investigation; it would allow me the opportunity to teach the courts administration a lesson in democracy," he added. "It's funny that the same court officials who fight for the freedom of expression are seeking silence when it comes to legitimate criticism of judges." 

Well, MK Ben-Ari has got them here.  Just there's one problem.  The Courts have yet to demonstrate the application of normal logic.  The will undoubted have no clue as to what Ben-Ari is talking about, nor care.  In their minds, if it doesn't fit in with Western (so called) progressive sensibilities, then it must be wrong.  Because, after all, they [think that they] know better than everybody else.

Our only hope is that their own gaivah (pride) will bring themselves down, sooner rather than later.  Various prophesies suggest that's what will happen to the non-kosher birds [temporarily] in power over the Land of Israel (Em HaBanim S'meicha).

I'm just impatient.

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