Thursday, May 03, 2012

More Co-Dependent Idiocy From The Israeli Government

12 of the Second Month 5772
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israel offers to send humanitarian aid to Syrian civilians
 4 Mar 2012

Israel contacted the International Committee of the Red Cross and suggested that it help transfer Israeli humanitarian aid to Syrian civilians

Acting under instructions of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman, the MFA Deputy Director General for International Organizations and the United Nations Evyatar Manor contacted the International Committee of the Red Cross and suggested that Israel transfer humanitarian aid to Syria under Red Cross auspices. The Committee’s representatives in Israel stated that they will respond with an appropriate reply once they have examined the population’s needs and requirements.
FM Lieberman stated that “The Jewish State cannot sit by and do nothing while these atrocities are taking place in a neighboring state and people are losing their entire world. Even though Israel cannot intervene in events occurring in a country with which it does not have diplomatic relations, it is nevertheless our moral duty to extend humanitarian aid and inspire the world to put an end to the slaughter.”
Esser Agaroth:
In the words of U. S. President Obama...

Yes, we can!

...sit by and do nothing.  HELLO?!  FM Lieberman has never heard of a milhemeth misswah.  Duh!  Aiding the enemy??

I would tell him to go learn more Torah, but he would just end up learning from one of the State's puppets Rabbinic liaisons to the people, which wouldn't change anything.

Seriously.  When bodies leave galuth (exile) behind, why can't most of us manage to leave our galuth mindset behind.

Very frustrating.


David Tzohar said...

"he would just end up learning from one of the state's puppet Rabbinic liasons"
That is really over the top.IMHO someone who has no respect for the mamlacha and its ministers is exhibiting his galut mentality.

Esser Agaroth said...


1. I DID forget to put the strike through puppets, but I doubt that would make any difference in your response.

2. It IS overdue for me to write a post about my relationship to the State. It IS one of appreciation, but there are definitely aspects of it which I do not respect, those rabbis (be they few or many) with CLEAR conflicts of interest, and who do nothing about solving such conflicts, do not have any respect from me.

3. The "mamlacha? I addressed that mostly in no. 1. But, I believe it is very important to distinguish amongst a. the State, b. the regime, and c. sovereignty over the Land. There are separate concepts. The current gov't is NOT a true Jewish gov't (King, Sanhedrin, Kehunah, batei din, etc.), but it's what we have to work with now. But, I refuse to refrain from encouraging discussion about the ideal Jewish government.

4. To sit around and wait for Mashiah, and do none of the ground work before he comes, such as bringing the Qorban Pesah, setting up the mizbe'ah (which IS possible, with a little investigative digging, and encouraging a proper Jewish gov't to take shape, and to sit around and expect religious Jews to respect a gov't filled with people who are pasul for eduth, not to mention forbidden to give a Jew and order, and a gov't which encourages violations of the Torah on a daily basis, now THAT is a galuth mentality.

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Batya said...

Hashem yishmor

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