Friday, May 11, 2012

Samaria Settlers AND Do Not See The Real Threat

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Emor 5772

I found the following article to be both bizarre and disturbing, but not for the same reasons my leftist friends also undoubtedly found the article to be bizarre and disturbing. 

Read on.... Samaria Jews Take On IDF Function as Terror Mounts
Israeli civilians are taking over for the IDF as commanders fail to tackle PA terror threat.

Maayana Miskin, May 11, 2012
In light of a wave of attacks and carjackings on Judea and Samaria highways, civilians in the area have begun taking over from the IDF. A newly established group of Binyamin-area Israelis aims to protect the roads where the military has failed, Tatzpit reports.

The group conducts routine patrols and has its own vehicles on the road to show a stronger security presence.

The volunteer guards expressed hope that they would not permanently replace the IDF, but rather, would serve as a temporary back-up while the army prepares to handle the threat itself.

This is an unfortunate attitude.  Sure, it would be nice to have a truly, Jewish army defending the People and the Land, loyal to HaShem and His Torah over any other contradictory authority.  But, we currently do not have such a thing.  These settlers have very short, and faulty, memories.  Not even seven years ago, setters in Azza entrusted their personal security to the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF].  Where did it get them?  Homeless and wandering....
“The army is obligated to protect the junctions, and the brigade commander promised to do so,” said Motti Yogev, deputy head of the Binyamin Regional Council. “That is the army’s job, and I hope it will take full responsibility for it.” 
This is a very naive statement, assuming we have an accurate depiction of Yogev's perspective.  More and more, we have been shown that the job of the IDF is to throw Jews out of there homes, and to execute the handing over (ie. mesirah) pieces of our God-given Homeland to goyim, and not just goyim, but goyim who want to annihilate us.
But in the meantime, Binyamin-area Jews cannot afford to wait, residents said. “We aren’t going to gamble our lives or our families’ lives,” said Viki Ezra of Dolev. “As long as the Binyamin region commander isn’t prepared to handle this mission, we will do it voluntarily.”

He suggested that similar groups be set up elsewhere in Judea and Samaria.

Last week, a Palestinian Authority gang used multiple cars to trap Israeli drivers in the Binyamin area by surrounding them, then slowing down while honking, flashing lights, and intermittently breaking. The Israeli drivers managed to break free, and following the incident the IDF increased nighttime security on local highways.

Last Tuesday, an Israeli woman from Nerya barely escaped a carjacking, managing to get away by ramming her attackers’ cars as a PA man attempted to break into her vehicle.

What I find bizarre about this article is that it seems to be written in a way which suggests that this is the first time such an idea has ever been executed.  The first settlers in any area any of Israel have always guarded their towns.  Only recently, have more and more Jewish towns in Yehudah and the Shomron (Judea & Samaria) have jumped on the "privatization" (We're above such labor) band wagon, and have hired outside security companies to do the jobs for them.

What I find disturbing is that this article failed to mention the desire of other settlers, albeit a minority, to do ALL of their regional guarding by themselves, knowing full well that the deployment of the IDF or the employment of private security companies to do the guarding is to make way for future expulsions of Jews from our land and homes.  Most of these security companies restrict employees from serving in their your towns.  Hmmm...  because maybe they won't take orders to throw their neighbors out of their homes when the time comes?

And, the time WILL come.

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