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The Hags Of The Wall

ג' לחודש השלישי תשע"ג

YNET: Jerusalem-Haredim attack Women of the Wall
Thousands of female haredi worshipers heed call of community leaders to hold a mass prayer at site to upstage arrival of Women of the Wall; mass brawl erupts. Reform Movement: Haredi leaders 'desecrated sanctity' of Kotel

Kobi Nachshoni, May 10, 2013

Haredi worshippers clashed with police in Jerusalem's Old City early Friday in the wake of the court authorization for the Women of the Wall to pray at the Jewish holy site. (cont.)

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Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I thought this was a great idea, for the Haredi rabbis to call upon these righteous women to come to the Kothel (Western/Wailing Wall) en masse. I waited with baited breath to find out what would happen.

It disgusts me to have to post this video of these despicable women. Their abuse of a Holy site for their own political agenda is a desecration of the sanctity. Yet, you MUST fast forward to time marker 1:15, to see Hey, if left-wing  YNET even reveals the truth, it must be true. My guess is that like-minded Israelis, as few as there must be, are not in the least bit embarrassed by this particular truth, and believe that the actions of these women are justified in some bizarre and distorted way.

*The YNET video is no longer available, so I replaced it with a JPost video from YouTube.

Adam The Radio Guy believes that fighting at the Kothel takes away the focus from the real battle, the fight to pray on Har HaBayith, the Temple Mount itself.

The Kalashnakover Rebbe feels similarly, suggesting that we not be concerned with what happens at the Kothel, which should be nothing more than a parking lot. Those of us who want to pray properly should work on being able to do so on Har HaBayith.

These two Jews are both correct to point out that which is being glossed over in this story. Nonetheless, we cannot stand idly by, and allow our fellow Jews to believe that such actions and blatant hypocrisy are acceptable.

Looking at some of the other videos, I see that most of these women are innocent, and misguided, completely under the spell of women who want excuses to do what they want. They scream and wail about "democracy," yet "democracy" has virtually no connection at all to Torah, and thus to Judaism. (A post on this specific issue is forthcoming.)

Yet, these "democratic" women who demand their "democratic rights," are preventing women with whom they disagree, or rather despise and believe to be brainwashed into a self-oppressive lifestyle, from exercising their "democratic rights," not to mention their "freedom of religious expression" (the latest left-wing buzz phrase) which these so-called "women of the wall" hold so dear.

How's that for hypocrisy?!

They are nothing more than elitist snobs!

I do not believe that these women are in the lease bit interested in "democracy" or "freedom of religious expression." They are only interested in doing what they want.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Justice System continues to reveal its true colors by agreeing with these women. The Labor Zionist, Erev Rav-controled government is clearly routing these women on. And, of course, they are not interested in anything, except for the de-Jewification and de-Israelization of Israel. And, so these "women of the wall" are simply doing some of its dirty work for them, a welcome relief from having to get its hands dirty.

These feminists leaders belong at a wall alright. But, look closely. This wall is not the Kothel. It is another wall.

5 Seahags in tallesim "praying" at their holy wall.
At this wall, the wall which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently visited, they can pray whenever, however, and which which accoutrements they like. I recommend that they fly there immediately, in order to stake their claim. These "Women of the Wall of China" receive a score of 5 Seahags, the maximum, plus 3 "She Who Must Not Be Named" for their feminist hypocrisy and 3 Shimon Pereses for their fervent love of UN-Jewish, Western (assimilationist) culture and values.
3 "She Who Must Not Be Named"
3 Nose-Picking Shimon Pereses

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