Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Israelis Complicit In Murder

כ"ד לחודש החמישי תשע"ג

Here they are...

Look at their faces. Look into their eyes. Remember their names. These are the "Jews" who have sentenced a Jew, or Jews, to death,...sometime in the future. These deaths could easily have been prevented, simply by implementing the Torah commanded death penalty for these evil bastards. The inevitable future murders of Jews could even be prevented by taking the wimpy way out, by keeping his or her murderer locked up behind bars for life.

And don't think that Shalom (what an ironic name) and Livnat are off the hook for abstaining, either!

Member of the Netanyahu government, Minister Naftali Bennett suggested the following:

Bennett's "Solution"
(Photo Credit: Itzik Cohen)
Bennett: "If terrorists are caught, one simply needs to kill them."

Amidror: "Listen, this isn't legal."

Bennett: "I have already killed lot of Arabs in my life, and there has never been a problem with this."
I imagine that the Jewish Home Party cabinet ministers were allowed to vote against the proposal, and adamantly so, as the result of some sort of deal, which Netanyahu and Lapid were willing to live with. They know all too well Bennett needs to be able to tell his supporters that he voted against the measure, in order to keep him and his party in the K'nesseth. And, Netanyahu and Lapid need Bennett,...for now.

Or maybe, it was much simpler than that. Maybe the Jewish Home Party sold out for just 5,000 new homes in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria).

"sheeple" = sheep + people
Many have suggested that the release of these prisoners would simply provide an opportunity for the Israeli government to send out various agents to bump them off, legally or not so legally.

Been there done that. This is not the first time Yishma'eli (Arab) murderers have been released, and if we, the Jewish People, just stand idly by, believing that we are just helpless sheeple, then it will not be the last, and we will surely end up being led to slaughter.

A more comparable, yet sarcastic, suggestion was that Israel needed to release a serial rapist from prison,...for the sake of the security of Israeli women.

Think about it.

I hate to think who will be slaughtered by one of these released murderers this time.

So, what creative excuses will these future conspirators come up with, when Jews start getting murdered,...this time?

Let me guess. "The devil made me do it."


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