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Jew York, No More

י"ז לחודש החמישי תשע"ג

Your Jewish News: Anti-Jewish incidents jump nearly 30% in New York

Debbie Gross

The Anti-Defamation League, or ADL, said that there were 248 incidents across New York State in 2012. 172 of the incidents were reported in New York City, according to statistics released Monday.

“Jews are still the target of a significant number of hate crimes in the state of New York,” Gregg Mashberg, the New York ADL Regional Director, said.
The report includes cases of assault, harassment and vandalism. New York had the most anti-Semitic incidents in the country last year, according to the report.

“It is worrying that saw nearly a 30 percent rise in the total number of anti-Semitic incidents in New York,” Etzion Neuer, acting ADL New York Regional Director said. “The sharp rise in anti-Semitic vandalism incidents is a reminder that we are still not immune to anti-Semitism,” he added.

There were 87 incidents reported in Brooklyn alone. Long Island had 56 incidents. The ADL counted 927 incidents in the United States last year, including 17 assaults. Among the cases included in the report:

A Jewish school received voice messages warning that a nuclear Holocaust against Jews is approaching and threatening to “execute all Jews”.

Swastikas were painted on several buildings in the Jewish community and other locations in Brooklyn. A swastika and the phrase “F*** the Jews” were found on a playground in a public park.

The train station on Kingston Avenue had graffiti that said: “The world would be much better if all the Jews were lampshades.” Also: “Hitler was right about to the Jews.”

A Holocaust Memorial Park was defaced with the word “f ***” and a Star of David painted nearby.

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Esser Agaroth (2¢)
I am waiting with baited breath for the ADL's solution. "Write a letter; make it better," perhaps?

Been there. Done that. TOO many times.

Time to leave the foreign land of the United States of America, and move to our True Homeland, the Land of Israel? Yeah, right! That'll be the day!

Do you think that one one of these "executives" or "directors" will want to leave his cushy job? Doubtful.

Don't you get it? The ADL is part of the problem. Telling Jews to hold fast, not give up or give in, not to "runaway" (ie. Israel), and other such nonsense.

The U. S. is not your home. If you cannot see that The Holy One, Blessed Be He, may very well be giving you a much needed kick in the tuchus, then fine. If you want to call me a fear monger, or nut job, when I warn you to get out while you can, before the proverbial "kincks" start getting harder and more frequent, then also fine.

But, think about what you are going to do about the situation? How will you protect your children by being such to jail for a "hate crime" yourself, when in fact is was only self-defense.

Think you can get away with it because you have dark skin? Good luck. Jews ALWAYS lose the "Who's more politically correct?" contest against any other minority.

So, you're not really gonna put up a fight, save for a hand ful of you who are NRA members or martial arts experts (not mutually exclusive), because by now, it has because part of your nature.

None of you have any excuses,...none AT ALL!

And, I am certain that you will feel much more comfortable about defending yourselves and your families from "politically-incorrect" terrorists than an "oppressed poor person or junkie" whom liberal, American society wants you to think has no choice, but to steal.

Where have you heard that one before? And, by the look of things, it is only going to get worse. Think that living in Brooklyn, the Upper West Side, Riverdale, Beverly Hills, or the San Fernando Valley will save you?

Read the writing on the wall. That strategy isn't working, and hasn't been for a while now.

So, come establish your home in the only Land where you belong, in the Land of Israel.

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