Sunday, July 28, 2013

Silly Christians! Tzitzis Are For Jews!

כ"א לחודש החמישי תשע"ג

Look what was sent to me!

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You are only REQUIRED to follow 7 Misswoth (Torah Commandments), those incumbent on B'nei No'ah, the descendants of No'ah.
1. Do not practice Avodah Zarah (foreign worship).

2. Do not murder.

3. Do not steal.

4. Do not commit prohibited sexual acts.

5. Do not commit blasphemy.

6. Do not eat the flesh, taken from an animal while it is still alive.

7. Set up and maintain courts of law.

When you get those right, then worry about taking more on.

Oh yeah, and number 1 above includes refraining from worshiping false man-gods, false messiahs, or whatever you're calling Jeezer these days, in order to make him more palatable to Jews.

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And another thing, if you're going to "take on misswoth," attempt to infiltrate Jewish communities for your evil purpose of stealing our souls, or in the case of those of you "volunteering" in Israel, stealing our land, could you at least do your homework, and do them correctly?

Your fake tzitzis are a dead giveaway just like this Christian's.

But, I'm not worried, I have no doubt that as our final conflicts involving you, Yishma'el (Arabs), and others come closer to "final resolution," your sneakiness will improve.

And, may The Almighty strike you down for it!

Silly Christians! Tzitzis are for Jews!


Ben G. said...

A few years ago I got a tzitzit order and discovered the customer was not just a "Messianic Jew," but an intellectual and a leader of a Messianic Jewish congregation. So I wrote him a short letter, very respectfully and with derech eretz, explaining to him that he was off the mark. And guess what? He eventually started looking into Torah-true Yiddishkeit in an emesdik way (or what my father calls "intellectual integrity"), and started becoming a ger tzedek, despite his wife's hesitations, which were certainly understandable after decades of solid belief in oso ha'ish. Later he even thanked me.

By the way, I should be upfront and note that it just so happens that I make my living selling talleisim and tzitzis (Ben's Tallit Shop - probably leading seller online).

Esser Agaroth said...

Hi, Ben,

Thanks for commenting, and for sharing this story.

Certainly, there are different ways to approach these people, depending on the situation.

I'm glad this worked out the way it appear to have worked out.

But, I wouldn't be so sure that this approach will necessarily be effective again in the future.

Thanks again!