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The Turner Diaries and Israel: Not Just a Book Review

ט"ו לחודש החמישי תשע"ג

This book contains racist propaganda.

The FBI said it was the blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing.

Many would like it banned. It is being published to alert and warn America.


Thus reads a tag line I found for The Turner Diaries by Andrew Macdonald.

Funny thing about goyim who want to "warn" the world about the Jews. It eventually ends up backfiring, just like with Bil'am (Num. 24) and Haman (Esther 8), and so on, and so on....

This book was well-written, and, yes, even inspiring. How could that possibly be, you ask?

Well, I immediately identified with the main character. Like I said, this book was well-written, and flowed very smoothly through effective descriptions, character development, and plot.

אם יאמר לך אדם, יש חכמה בגוים - תאמין; יש תורה בגוים - אל תאמין. (איכה רבה ב, יג)

If someone says to you there is wisdom among the goyim - believe [it]; [if someone says to you] there is Torah among the goyim - do not believe [it]. (Eichah Rabba 2:13)

With my strong identification with the main character, and his desire to do what he thought was just, my mind automatically projected my version of what is just onto the book.

The liberal, psychotic government officials, easily transformed into the wannabe goyim, leftist minority controlling Israel, right under our noses.

The "blacks," the unwitting pawns, became the Israeli and Pseudostinian Arabs.

The oppressed, white supremacists, caught in the maelstrom of wreckage caused by the liberal "do-gooders," were, of course, the Jews who were already awakened from their indoctrinated slumbering numbness,...the "real" settlers, as it were. By "real" settlers, I do not mean the hasbarah-addicted, publicity hounds, whose leaders are really just pawns of the State, nor those who encourage Christian interference in our affairs, but the "real" settlers.

In some distorted way, perhaps this book is hinting to the burgeoning rebirth of the authentic scholar-warrior Jews, unconcerned about what the goyim think, what so-called "international community thinks, but rather only what Holy One, Blessed Be He thinks. And, perhaps the nebachy, neurotics and , co-dependent, "I'm just like the goyim!" Jews will get it. And, those Jews who are embarrassed and fearful of asking questions about the heritage will no longer be embarrassed or afraid, though the revelation of this example.

*Spoiler Alert*

And the end of the book the white supremacist "heroes" "liberate" California. As a native Californian, this also hit home, for any number of reasons. One of recent memory was the lack of water for the Central Valley's massive agricultural industry, not because of lack of precipitation, but because of a Federally protected minnow, or some sort of small fish, at the mouths of the Bay Area rivers.

Food prices went up, jobs were lost, and I will hazard a guess that the banksters made out like bandits, either by foreclosing on farms and houses, or by "facilitating" the refinancing of properties by desperate Californians.

And, California's hands were tied, because this little fish was "federally" protected.

After this, I began wondering if September 9th (9/9) should be called California Nakba Day (Arabic: "tragedy"), instead of California Admission's Day.

It is kind of like how 1967 should have been a great victory for the Jewish People,...and it was. Yishma'elim (Arabs) from all directions were determined to wipe us out. But, they failed. Some say that it was the strategic brilliance and unwavering bravery of the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF]. However, they were only kelim of the Holy One, Blessed Be He, to implement His Will upon the Land.

Yet, over the years, that victory has been gradually losing its significance as our "leaders" carved up what was won only with intervention from The Almighty, and thrown to the dogs, as if it were table scraps, starting with Har HaBayith (Temple Mount) instead of the great, miraculous, and merciful gift which it truly was.

But, as they say, "power corrupts," and our leaders quickly forgot God, or pretended that they had a much better idea about what His Will was than He did,...and proceeded to did what they wanted.

If only they had remembered who they were, set apart from the goyim, and not meant to slobber over them for acceptance, and desperately try to be just like them, just as if we were still in galuth (exile), then maybe, just maybe, we would not be in this mess, and thousands of Jews were never have been brutally killed, for the sole reason that they were Jews.

I almost forgot. In my mind, California in The Turner Diaries was not just my native home of California, but was Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria). Apparently, settlers, the "real" settlers, may get their chance, now that they may be thrown to the dogs abandoned to a Pseudostinian State,...without weapons, of course.

The scholar-warrior Jews will find a way to victory, with HaShem's help!

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