Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rabbi Zalman Melamed Claims "Deception" (for the Umteenth Time?)

ו' לחודש השביעי תשע"ד

Rabbi Zalman Melamed
Arutz 7: Rabbi of Beit El: We've been Deceived
Leading Zionist rabbi says Bayit Yehudi was wrong to make a pact with Yesh Atid, bemoans yeshiva budgets.

Gil Ronen, September 9, 2013

Rabbi Zalman Melamed, the Dean of the High Yeshiva of Beit El and one of the leading Zionist rabbis, sent a letter Monday to the members of the Bayit Yehudi party in which he said that teaming up with Yesh Atid – whose leader, Yair Lapid, is Finance Minister – was a mistake.

"I was wrong, in my naivete, when I thought that Yesh Atid is really after equality in bearing the burden [of military service]," he wrote, in a reference to the idea of making hareidi men serve in the military. "What is happening on the ground, and what they are doing, is a very harsh blow to the yeshivas, both in the Enlistment Bill and in the budget, including the Zionist yeshivas."

"They deceived us. They defrauded us. Therefore, we must say to the ministers and Knesset members in the Bayit Yehudi – no more! We are not partners in a pact for bringing down the Torah. Wage an open war against the damage to the yeshivas."

Rabbi Shai Piron, Minister of (Re-)Education
Boy, that face sure inspires confidence, doesn't it?
(Photo Credit: Yo'av Dudekevitch)
Rabbi Melamed also addressed Yesh Atid's religious education minister, Rabbi Shai Piron. "I call upon Rabbi Piron: I am convinced that you did not mean to join a party that would hurt the yeshivas, including the Zionist yeshivas. You came to unite and not to divide, not to create hatred between religious and secular people. You have no right to be a party to such moves."

The current state budget cut the budget for every yeshiva student by almost two thirds. After Bayit Yehudi applied pressure, some of the money that had been cut was put back, but the budget per student is still less than half of its former level.

Religious Zionist Bayit Yehudi formed a pact with anti-hareidi Yesh Atid because the alternative, according to Bayit Yehudi leader, Minister Naftali Bennett, would have been a left-wing coalition that would have included hareidim, and left out religious Zionists. This pact received support from rabbis who trusted Bennett's political instincts and rationale. While the cut to non-Zionist yeshiva budgets was expected - due to the fact that their students do not perform any form of national service - no one seemed to think that Zionist yeshivas would also be hard hit.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Well, Rabbi Melamed has certainly got one right: He was wrong. Naive? I'm not so sure about that. I think it may very well be possible that he simply did not want to believe what right in his face:

1. The complete lack of consideration of the Israeli government of Torah.
2. The complete lack of any connection between democracy to Torah, or in Israel's case, deMOCKracy.
3. Minister Shai Piron's interest in destroying the semi-private, Torani school system. Beth-El has at least two such schools, of which I am aware.
4. The repetition of the same ol' mistakes expecting different results (Einstein's definition of sanity.) Those mistakes include "working within the system to effect change" alla Rabbi Benny Elon, former MK, and head of the Moledeth Party-National Union.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Three times? Four times?

So, now that Rabbi Melamed has admitted that there is a problem, that he has a problem, I am waiting with baited breath to learn what he actually decides to do about it.


Shy Guy said...

3 points:

1. There are ways to be constructively critical of respectable Rabbanim without resorting to mockery and cynicism. It's Asseret Yemai Teshuva, for heaven's sake! :)

2. There weren't and there still aren't any great alternatives. Rav Melamed was working with what there was.

3. I did not vote for BY. I had none of Rav Melamed's hopes and expectations in the first place, not regarding the party, Bennet nor with partnering with Yesh Lapid.

Esser Agaroth said...

I accept your points. Perhaps the following will help, perhaps not.

I was particularly disappointed with R' Melamed, because along with R' Lior, recently departed R' Ya'aqov Yosef ztz"l, R' Avraham Shapira ztz"l and a few others, was one of the few who could see through the government, and warned the people, more than once.

Both he and R' Lior were there at the last stand in Azza, in K'far Darom, while other "rabbis" were helping to throw Jews out of their homes.

Perhaps my mistake was to put R' Melamed on too high of a pedestal, thus my disappointment. Nonetheless, I continued to defend him.

I did use the word "perhaps," suggesting a possible scenario.

Denial can be a very comfortable state, even for those on a high level.

R' Melamed and his son, are certainly in denial about the Xians. I defended them for years, claiming that the English speakers feeding them information, unconsciously left things out in in the translation.

I was wrong. I was naive.

There is more than one way to wake people up to do teshuvah. What good is the shofar, without the courage to point out the specific details, we are require to admit and confess, as part of the teshuvah process?

Shy Guy said...

R' Melamed and his son, are certainly in denial about the Xians.

What did Rav Zalman ever say or do that equates him to his son on this matter?

Esser Agaroth said...

I didn't say "equate."

He has been very much involved with A7. His wife was a founder.

I believe that halachic questions from A7 are still addressed to him.

I have pointed out several instances in which I believe the mass amounts of money from Xians have influenced A7's direction, and even "take" on the news.

Their forums are a sham. Jews have been kicked off, for politely pointing out their "opinions" that Christianity is avodah zarah, and that their "volunteers" are unwelcome in Israel.

Is A7 an objective news source? Or is it just commentary?

It's both, depending on what the news is.

Shy Guy said...

OK, that puts things closer to what I understand. Thanks.

A7 never banned me but they would suppress my comments when I answer christians referring to their "pagan mangod dead Jew on a stick deity".

I haven't touched A7's forums in years because they're just plain lousy.

Do you have links to your posts about A7 taking in fa'tume'd money?

Esser Agaroth said...

Not readily available, no.

I cannot say that I have any hard evidence about A7 being influenced.

I wrote this, though, when Judeo-Christian Values was mentioned.

It sums up my theories, I think.

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