Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Proof that the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] are Not a Jewish Army

כ"ו לחודש השביעי תשע"ד

פרסום ראשון: חיילת מחיל הים עלתה לתורה במסגרת מניין תפילה שהתקיים בשמחת תורה, בבסיס ההדרכה של חיל הים בחיפה. בני ישיבות ההסדר שנכחו במקום לא מחו כנגדה. דו"צ: התקיים בירור בנושא וחודדו הנהלים [לאירועים] לעתיד

נטעאל בנדל, כ"ה תשרי תשע"ד, 29/09/2013

Kippah: For the first time: Female Soldier went up to the Torah in a Minyan in an IDF Synagogue
A female sailor from the Israeli Navy went up (aliyah) to the Torah in a Simhath Torah minyan, on a naval training base in Haifa. The Hesder (yeshivah) soldiers who were present at the time did not put up any protest against this. IDF Spokesperson: An investigation into the matter is being made, and procedures will be clarified for [such events] in the future.

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Esser Agaroth (2¢):
The only reasons I can think of, as to why the Hesder soldiers did not protest include:
1. Every man was already afforded an aliyah, as is the custom in most communities on Simhath Torah, Thus, this misswah was not taken away from any of the men.

2. These Hesder soldiers have decided to choose their shots, and this was not one that they chose.

3. These Hesder soldiers fell for the Erev Rav sneakiness of "graduality."
Aditional problems are exposed in this report. For now, I will focus on only one: The hypocrisy of the IDF.

I predict that this incident will be brushed under the carpet, then later revisited, and used as a precedent. Even though it is possible that this was simply a mishap. The gabbay was, after all, a civilian employee, and who knows what he was thinking at the time.

So called "democratic religious freedom," which incidentally has nothing to do with Torah, will selectively applied. Female soldiers will be included, if not encouraged and falsely educated to participate, in an "egalitarian" structure (Read: "un-Jewish"), while male soldiers will not be allowed to excercise their "democratic religious freedom," by choosing to refrain from listening to women sing, or watching them dance, among other activities which go against their Torah sensibilities.

I have already shown in previous posts, that the IDF is not a Jewish army.

Jewish armies do not violate the Torah.

Jewish armies do not force their soldiers to violate the Torah.

Jewish armies do not blindly follow an "un-Jewish" government,...if at all.

Jewish armies do not collaborate with enemies of the Jewish People.

Jewish armies do not care more the protecting the lives are our enemies than their own soldiers.

Jewish armies do not condone, nor remain silent on issues of, promiscuity.

Jewish armies do not give up, Jewish land, pieces of Eretz Ysra'el, which The Almighty has returned to us.

Jewish armies do not throw Jews out of their homes.

Jewish armies do not place goyim over Jews in their ranks.
*There is an interesting story I heard from the Kalashnikover Rebbe about a Druze commander at the Kotel who ordered his Jewish soldiers to put on tefillin. This interesting twist, not withstanding, Jewish armies do not place goyim over Jews in their ranks.

Jewish armies do not insist on burying Jews with non-Jews.

Tapu'ah West Synagogue
destroyed at the hands of the IDF
Jewish armies do not destroy synagogues.

Jewish armies do not destroy their own Torah-loyalist yeshivoth.

Jewish armies do not battle against the Torah, nor allow themselves to be used as tools of the Erev Rav.


Anonymous said...

B"H - My rabbi, Christine, says it's OK and she is a very holy woman, she puts on tfilin every Shabos. [What I mean is that it's getting really funny these lower than low days]

Esser Agaroth said...

Oh, my!

Is Christine even Jewish?

Anonymous said...

B"H - Of course Christine is Jewish, what a question: Her father was an IDF major!

Shy Guy said...

Yes, Rabbi Christine is Jewish - but only from her mother's left side.

Personally? I would have walked out and urged others to do the same.

Where was the Rav of the base?

What is the Rabbanut Hatzvait going to do to establish Takanot so that such behavior is prohibited throughout IDF managed Batei Knesset, under violation of military regulation?

Yeh, I know... wishful thinking.

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