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Naftali Frankel hy"d was an American Citizen. So What?

י״ט לחודש הרביעי תשע״ד

WND: Kerry omits fact kidnapped teen is U.S. citizen
3 boys believed to have been abducted by terrorists
Aaron Klein, June 15, 2014

John Kerry
TEL AVIV – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s condemnation Sunday of the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers omits the fact that one of those abducted is a U.S. citizen.

“The United States strongly condemns the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers and calls for their immediate release,” read Kerry’s official statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.” (cont.)

Naftali Frankel hy"d
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Yeah, I know what you're going to say. Not enough time has past to post this kind of piece.

Sorry, but time is of the essence. If you haven't noticed, rockets from Gaza can now reach much farther into Israel than the last time there were barrages focusing on just the south.Sirens and exploding rockets have both been heard as far away from Gaza as Jerusalem, Hadera, Zikhron Ya'aqov and Haifa.

Apparently the rockets are not yet filled with explosives to capacity. If appears that Hamas is focusing on showing off the distance their rockets can now reach, much farther than only a few years ago.

But, I digress....

The difference between most American Jews in Israel and their Yemenite counterparts appears to be that Yemenite Jews, and for that matter, Tunisian, Iraqi, and Persian (Iranian) Jews, are well aware at how ridiculous it is to look to the governments of the lands of their exile to rescue them. Also, unlike American Jews, these Jews are well aware that the governments of their exile despise them.

Jews are still getting killed in Yemen, and their daughters are still potential targets for kidnapping into marriage, thus the custom there of betrothing and marrying them off at young ages in contrast to contemporary Western standards.

Various ethnic groups in Iraq have been successfully obtaining compensation from the current Iraqi regime for properties lost during the reign of Saddam Hussein. All ethnic groups have been successful, except for the Jews.

Jews have been regularly set up, and punished, as "spies" for Israel in Iran. Jews, and others, may not leave the country with more than like $500. More than one member of a family leaving at the same time is complicated at best, and rare. Arrangements to move to Israel, must be made by sending communications to Turkey, or another Muslim country, where Jews there act as relay stations with the Jewish Agency in Israel or the U. S. Open contact with Israel can be fatal.

But, it has been trickier for American Jews. The weapons of the U. S. government used against Israel have included only pen and paper, the news media, and its financial resources and influence. The weapons of the U. S. Government against Israel have not included swords, guns, drones, nor bombers in the air,...yet.

We were all born with the specific challenges inherent in the lands of our exiles. Jews born in Yishma'elite/Muslim countries may have had a more difficult time of it regarding their physical safety. Yet, this has always made it easy for them to know the reality of the punishment of exile.

American Jews have been faced with the spiritual challenges of assimilation, intermarriage, pseudo-conversions, quasi-Judaism, etc., and many have failed to through them, believing them to be the answers as to how to regard the modern Western world which encircles us.

The lack of physical threats for the most part during recent times has also contributed to the "forgetting" that exile is a punishment; living outside of our only true Homeland is a punishment. Meeting the financial and emotional challenges of the exile with financial success and major contributions to the benefit of American society perhaps have blinded us to the importance of looking toward residing in the Land of Israel, as our ultimate objective.

Jews raised in Arabs countries may have incurred horrible physical suffering and torture over the years. However, in the long run, this may have been a blessing. Whereas the experiences of Americans have blinded them to the reality that American is not our "friend." Exile is still a punishment, no matter how many cars you own, nor how many bedrooms your house has, nor how much "respect" you believe you garner from your colleagues in your high-paying, prestigious professions.

Many Americans are so blind that they still proudly identify themselves as American Jews, even though they live here, in Israel! "American" is not an ethnicity with rich customs like Yemenite, Iraqi, Persian, or even Lithuanian, Russian and Yekke!

America is a nation, founded only 238 years ago, an that is all it is. Incidentally, it was founded on 17 Tammuz. What does that tell you? Granted it is a "land of opportunity," with various freedoms unavailable in most other countries around the world. Or, at least it was.

No wonder why Americans have such a hard time adjusting to life in Israel. There bodies are here, but their hearts are still across the Atlantic Ocean!

Dare I bring up the Holocaust's influence on Western Jews? After having been broken physically, undoubtedly worse in some ways than our brothers and sisters to the south and to the east, we have such short memories! The world has not changed its mind about the Jews. Rather, we are in denial of this, or pretend not to care, even when we really do.

John Kerry
The fact is that John Kerry was sending American Jews us a message, and in particular American Jews residing in Israel.

You are not really Americans, no matter how much you contributed to America and its society, since before the Revolutionary War,...and you never have been.

It seems to me that this message, whether a conscious or unconscious omission, may have been sent to us from higher up, and Secretary of State John Kerry was just a tool of delivery. After all, it would not be the first time He has used a non-Jew or Jew of questionable status as messenger.

Just look at all of the "piece negotiations" (spelling on purpose) which have failed miserably due the Arabs rejecting them.

Thank God.

How many more messages will He have to send to us before we finally get it through our thick skulls  that we are a people, separate and distinct from other peoples.

We stand alone, with only the Holy One, Blessed Be He beside us, and certainly not the U. S.

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