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Amit The Soldier and the Deafening Silence

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ מטות תשע״ד

צוער בקורס קצינים שמשרת במגלן, הודח מהקורס כי סירב להשתתף בשיחה על יהודים משיחיים ובאימון מעורב עם בנות. צה"ל בתגובה: ״הצוער הודח בגין בעיות משמעתץ״ (יש המשך)

Walla! A Religious Cadet was from Officer Candidates' Course because of "Religious Extremism" (translated)

Yacky Adamkar, May 5, 2014

A cadet serving in Maglan [a special forces unit] in an officer candidates' course was dismissed from the course because he refused to participate in a discussion about 'messianic' Judaism, and in training with girls. The Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] responded: "The cadet was dismissed for disciplinary problems." (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
The incident above occurred two months ago. As far as I could tell, Christian supported and Christian supported Arutz 7 were silent on this incident. But, like I said. Perhaps I missed the reports, and it was buried somewhere. Arutz 7's Hebrew weekly b'Sheva did have a short piece on it, with comments from rabbis from Amit's influential, Mamlakhti (diehard State loyalist) yeshivah B'nei David in the moderate, Shomron town of Eli. But this did not surprise me, as Mamlakhti rabbis have long expressed concerns over the dangers of Christians operating in Israel, and the influence they have been acquiring.

You can imagine my disappointment when I attempted to start an on-line "Support Amit" campaign. Even those sympathetic to Amit's situation felt they already had their hands full, putting forth their efforts for the sake of Am Yisra'el and Eretz Yisra'el in other directions.

In contrast, an amazing campaign set up to support David, a soldier who faced disciplinary action for daring to defend himself, appears to have been making the IDF itself nervous. The IDF has even taken in soldiers for questioning, soldiers who failed to cover the faces in other on-line campaigns.

Meanwhile, "messianic" websites ysh"w have been abound with decries of victory for their cause to spread their avodah zarah in Israel.

So why have I come up against nothing but brick walls when investigating the worth and effectiveness of such a campaign for a soldier accused of "religious extremism?"

MK Danny Danon (Likud)
and John Hagee (Jeezer worshipper)
Is it that the IDF is well-aware of the Christian money pouring into Israel, and does not want to rock the boat?

Has the IDF been receiving orders from higher up?

After all, just fired Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon (Likud) has connections to American Christian communities, and as Chair of the World Likud has been involved with encouraging Christians to settle in Israel. Even though this is forbidden under Jewish Law, even temporarily.


Expect Danon to find a way to turn his firing into an advantage, when running for Likud leadership in the next primaries.

Furthermore, the officer candidate giving the "lecture" above is far from the only aberration of his kind to be found in the IDF. I periodically receive reports of such soldiers embedded with the IDF.

There are a few reasons to find such misguided Jews, and not-Jews, in the IDF, even in officer candidates' courses. Some American Christians volunteer to serve in the IDF as way to boost their chances for receiving Israeli citizenship. As disgusting as it sounds, such individuals have been granted citizenship.

Other soldiers are goyim from the former Soviet Union searching for their personal niche in Israel, as if they should have been allowed to immigrate in the first place.

Still others are disenfranchised, Jews, often immigrants searching for something, but do not know exactly what, belonging perhaps.

I wonder what would have happened if an officer candidate wanted to give an anti-messianic/anti-Christian lecture? What if the "messianic" refused to participate? What if an Arab Christian refused?

Who would have been disciplined then?

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