Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hero Or Criminal? Israeli Truck Driver Blocks Supplies from Reaching Gaza

ט"ז לחודש הרביעי תשע"ד

אלמוג בוקר, 13/07/2014

דניאל מטרי, תושב האזור, עצר עם המשאית שלו את המעבר דרכו מועברות הסחורות לרצועת עזה. "אחסום את המעבר כמה שאראה לנכון, הערס ינצח"

דניאל מטרי, נהג משאית תושב כרם שלם, עצר הבוקר (ראשון) עם משאיתו את המעבר לרצועת עזה, דרכו מועברות הסחורות למיליוני האזרחים ברצועה.

בשעות הבוקר הגיע מטרי עם המשאית שברשותו, וחנה את רכבו בניגוד לתנועה, כשכל צידה של המשאית חוסמת את המעבר - דרכו נכנסות בכל יום 170 משאיות שמעבירות לרצועת עזה ציוד רפואי ומזון לתושבים. (יש המשך)

Nana10: A Truck Driver blocked the crossing of goods into Gaza at Kerem Shalom: "I cannot go to the store because of the explosions."
Almog Boqer, July 13, 2014

(Photo: Nana10 Screen Shot)

Daniel Metrie, a resident of the area, stopped the flow of goods into the Gaza Strip with his truck. "I will block the crossing into Gaza, as I see fit. May the better thug win."

This morning (Sunday), Daniel Matari, a resident of Kerem Shalom, stopped the passage into the Gaza Strip with his truck, through which the goods are delivered to millions of civilians in Gaza.

Matari arrived in the morning, truck in possession, and parked his vehicle against the flow of traffic, blocking the passage, side to side, a passage through which 170 trucks have been entering each day, bringing medical equipment and food to Gaza residents. (cont.)

(Tip: Kalashnikover Rebbe)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Obviously, I believe that Daniel Metrie is a hero. Even though the only heroic act he appears to be performing is civil disobedience.

Daniel Metrie
It is difficult for me, and hopefully difficult for any normal and non-suicidal person, to fathom that this truck driver could be considered a criminal. Even though he may have violated Israeli law. However, there are certainly those out there who would consider him a criminal for this very reason, he violated the "holy" laws of the "holy" state. Such finger-pointers include, but are not necessarily limited to, many members of the Israeli government, the government's puppet "rabbis" and their brain-dead followers, and delusional, self-hating leftists.

"At night, my children cry, but the goods pass" [into Gaza] - Daniel Metrie (YNET)

You would have to be co-dependent, confused, brain-dead, delusion, or self-hating not to identify with Daniel Metrie, and not to identify him as a hero.

May more heroes like Daniel Metrie arise from Israel!


Neshama said...

It's insane to continue to send in truckloads of goods when we drop flyers advising gazans to flee the strip. Who are benefiting from these goods ..... Why, the terrorists of course!

Stop the trucks, stop the electricity, stop the water, etc.

Esser Agaroth said...


BTW, I just something about how one of the rockets from Gaza destroyed some of their own electricity and water intake pipes. (Kalashnikover Rebber) -- wonder how long it will take the Israeli Gov't to fix them.

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