Sunday, March 09, 2008

Haveil Havalim #157 Is Up.

2 of the Thirteenth Month 5768

Haveil Havalim #157
is up at Gila's My Shrapnel Blog. You'll find my Four Kugels post there. Do not be hard on Gila for leaving out some posts on the attack. The deadline for submission is Friday, so many posts would not have made in time. There were undoubtedly countless posts she had to sift through as well. She could not include all of them.

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Gila said...

Actually, there are quite a few posts on the attack (literally seven or eight). But no, I did not post everyone's submission on the subject. One, because people really do say about the same thing and two, because there are lots of things going on in Israel and the Jewish world right now--bad and good.

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