Saturday, March 08, 2008

Update: After The Attack

Mossa'ei Shabbath Parshath Pequdei/Sheqalim 5768

Merkaz HaRav and fence dividerThursday night, after the attack, hundreds of people gathered outside the Merkaz HaRav Yeshivah. The yeshivah is located on Rav Tzvi Yehudah Street, a four lane street with a fence down the middle (See photo). Demonstrators gathered on the other side of the fence, as they were not allowed to approach the yeshivah. They gathered to show their support for the yeshivah students and staff, as well as to protest the Israeli government policies which led to the attack.

As protesters started yelling "Mavet le'Aravim!" (Death to Arabs), the Yassamniqim (Israeli riot police) charged across the street to "take care of" those chanting the [apparently offensive] epithets. One Jew started yelling toward the Yassamniqim in Hebrew, "Go on! Hit only Jews! Not the terrorists!" To his amazement, one of the officers actually stopped his tracks, apparently analyzing the comment. Meanwhile plenty of other Yassamniqim ran down around the fence. (I'm not sure why they didn't just jump over it, as so many pedestrians do on a daily basis.)

"Mavet la'Mishtarah" (Death to the police!) was then heard. My souces report that more than a fair few Jews were beaten.

Who was it that said there is free speech in this country, under this regime?

Meanwhile, the family of the terrorist sat in mourning displaying Hamas YSh"W flags. Even the Jordanian government YSh"W forbade such mourning tents to be set up, or so they claim. Yet, here in Israel, Members of Kenesset are only now just debating the issue.

I guess there is free speech in this country, under this regime,...for Arabs and leftists.

Remember how journalists were trying to silence Yitzchaq Dadon, the hero who killed the terrorist murderer, during his interview with Channel 2? It was broadcast live on Channel 10 (owned by Channel 2). But then on Channel 2, it was chopped off before Dadon attempted to accuse Pres. Peres and PM Olmert of the complicity in the killings.

Here's the full video up at Rafi G.'s Life In Israel blog.

The State of Israel: Still the home of the Jew, and the Land of the Co-dependent

HaShem yishmor! God help us!

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