Sunday, February 15, 2009

Haveil Havalim #204 Is Up!

22 of the Eleventh Month 57679

Haveil Havalim #204 is now up at Here In HP!

Last week I fixed the edition number, so now we ALL know that it's #204.

Don't we, Jack?


Leora said...

You tell him! #204!

Thanks for da link.

Lady-Light said...

Yes, we do! We do! I was the one who first questioned Jack about this, three HHs ago (hey, credit where credit is due).
This one should be #204. Thank G-d we have a frum guy here who knows MATH, for gossakes.

Lady-Light said...

(I thought I commented on this, but now I can't find it).
You betcha: #204 it is. See my post on it (I mention you).
Oh, for gosh sakes; it's because of comment moderation that I couldn't see it. Just delete the last two (but I did mention you in my post!)